I have never had a girlfriend
I have never had a close woman friend
I have kissed 1 woman (on one occasion - drunk; after a wedding)
I have had 1 lap-dance (at a ***** club)
I have been to 1 ***** club (once)
I have had sex (intercourse) 2 times (both prostitutes)
I have never been on a date

If you ask me, this is pretty lame, for someone who is 35 yrs of age

In summary, I don't think I'll ever have "intimate relations" with a woman
 (who isn't a prostitute). And concerning prostitutes, 1) I haven't the money, & 2) it's not very satisfying at all (not really worth the bother)
SsssSaddie SsssSaddie
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 28, 2007

I hope u find that my friend. The intimate relationship with a woman u r looking for that is. I can make friends with women but that is it. Feel free to ask me questions if u want a friend with one and I can help u there but beyond that I won't be much help.