My First M/m Sex

A long , long time ago I was working as a young boy in a fine resturant in Chicago suburbs. Had my little bow tie and white jacket and being around 14 or 15 years old of course I was not driving yet. Well not having a way to get home after work I was telling this to my manager who I'd say was maby 28 or so, that I would have to walk home which was a few miles. Well being the nice concerned boss that he was , offered to drive me home. After work we head out and when I see his car, its a 51 Merc , black with full fender skirts , spotlights etc just like James Dean. I go on and on about  his great car and he says do you want to drive it? WoW , Hell yes I do. Ok so here we are curising down the road and I'm just hoping some of my friends see me and he says to me, how do you feel about man to man sex?  So here I am , maby 15 or so and driving the coolest car in the world and all I have to do is let my boss give me a *******.  I got what I wanted and he got to break in a young boy to the joys of M/M sex. Couple months later he took me to a room he had in a church property where he lived and I sucked **** for the first time. This happened somewhere around1957. Now a bisexual xdresser I very much enjoy pleasing a man.
Billiemarie01 Billiemarie01
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i like to be sucked .<br />
ummm would u suck me ?