The Begining Of A Fantasy.

So for something a little different I thought I would start this fantasy off and get others to add their own parts. So lets see how it goes.

It was a quiet day at home, for once there was nobody here except me. I knew i had the whole day to myself but what to do. A smile played across my lips, as i headed to the bathroom. So off to the shower, where I quickly wash myself. Then into my bedroom, I walk to the wardrobe slide the door open and remove an old suitcase from the corner.
I open the case looking inside I see what I consider to be my escape from masculinity. I take out a violet and black lace corset, a matching thong,black stockings and a black satin robe. As I slowly dress, savoring the feel of the stockings as I roll them over my legs. There's a knock at the door. I look out the curtain and see two men one around 40 years old the other looked about 24. I grab my old black terry toweling bathrobe quickly throwing it over my under wear.

I open the door, the two men explain to me they are doing a survey and would like to ask me some questions. I say sure and invite them in, not forgetting that beneath my robe i was clad in femininity, the thought of this excited me, believing these men did not know that I was dressed as a woman beneath my robe. I invited them to the kitchen and offered them a drink. As I got to the fridge I heard them whispering between themselves.
I turned and handed them both a beer, I asked them what these questions were about.
The older man smiled and replied, "Well first, do you mind if I ask you something personal?"
"Well that depends, how personal ?"
"O.k well we couldn't help but notice you are wearing stockings."
I felt a little embarrassed and replied,"Yes I am."

I looked across at the younger man who was looking at me with a grin on his face. He says to me so do you mind taking off your robe so we can have a proper look at you."
I was shocked at his request but found I was getting excited more and more thinking about it. Before I knew it I had stepped out of the robe, watching the two men look me over, both of them smiling at me.

The older man says, "so have you ever been with a male dressed like this?"
I looked at him my cheeks a little flushed and replied,"No, but I have always wanted too."
The young man looks at me, "Well today's your lucky day, your going to be with two men. So whats your name sweetheart"
I smile,"You can call me Tonya"

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sounds hot...i was hoping for a bit more ;)