Liked It More Than I Thought I Would.

I guess the short-hand for this type of thing is m2m sex.  I had this many years ago, and though I am not tradtionally attracted to men, I did enjoy the experience.

The incidents I am referring to happened in the late nineties with a highschool friend of mine.  We are still friends to this day and see each other about twice per year, though we don't experiment like we used to.  In fact, we don't ever talk about what happened.

It started one evening when we were in our mid twenties.  I was visting my friend while his wife was out of town with her mother.  We went out partying and I got hammered.  I don't recall the cab ride home or even going into his house.  The next thing I do remember, I was laying on the bed in the spare bedroom with my pants pulled down to my knees and my friend was sucking my ****.  You might imagine my confusion.  I was completely wasted from drinking all night, and I could barely hold my head up to identify who it was who had my **** in their mouth.  It took me a few moments to grasp the reality of what was happening.  I mumbled something inchoerent in defense of me not being gay, but it didn't seem to have any effect on my friend as his head continued to bob up and down rapidly.  He was really working me over quite well.  I remember finally giving in and letting it happened.  It wasn't too difficult of a decision.  I was drunk, unable to walk and, what the hell, yes, it felt good to have him going down on me.

I warned him when I was about to come.  He didn't slow down.  My ****** shot into his mouth and he swallowed it down.  I don't recall what happened after that.  All I know is I woke up in his bed the next morning.  We were both naked.  It felt really awkward.  I got up and looked for my clothes.  I felt ashamed at what had happened, though I only remembered the first part of it.  And, I had to admit, the first part had felt good.  My buddy woke up some time later.  He sensed that I was struggling with what had happened and we sat down and talked about it.  I asked him about how I ended up in his bed naked and he said that I undressed myself and that we were doing 69 on each other.  He said he wanted more but that I passed out.  I was too frightened to ask him what "More" he wanted at the time.  I just wanted to not think about it. I swore him to secrecy and we agreed that it was just experimentation and nothing more.  Though, I would come to learn that my buddy liked to dabble a lot in "experimentation" like this.

I stayed at his house for another couple of nights until his wife returned and it got more interesting each night.  But I don't have time to write any more today as I am busy today.  I will tell the rest of what happened  when I get home tonight.


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Thanks for the info. The story may feel real because it absolutely is real. I have never breathed a word about it to anyone and I don't think my friend has either. As for wanting to have a go again, I admit I do think about it sometimes, but I am married now and to be honest, I am a happy heterosexual. I love women. I find women attractive. When I look at a man, I am not attracted to them. What happened between my buddy and I was mostly experimentation, at least for me. He did become somewhat attached to me, at least sexually, but I will have to finish the second part to fill in the details. Later.

I want to hear more, very hot and interesting, things I fantasies about.