I Liked It More Than I Thought I Would (pt 2)

This is a continuation of my original discussion of the one and only guy I have ever had sex with.  To read the first part go here. EP Link

So, assuming you read the first part above, then we can pick up again in day two.  I will remind you that I was hanging out with m buddy while his wife was out of town.  My friend had never tried anything with me before so I didn't really know he was bi-sexual and didn't expect anything to ever happen between us.  Never the less, I was extremely drunk the night he gave me the blow job and I don't even remember giving him one though he says I did.  I later passed out and woke up in the morning, in his bed and we were both bare-*** naked.


That's where this picks up.  We discussed things and decided we had both been really drunk and had simply experimented.  We didn't talk about it the rest of the day.  Eventually, we called a friend to give us a ride downtown and we began our quest to get hammered once again, which we did in short order.  We later took a cab back to my buddies house and I wasn't quite as drunk as the night before, because I could remember the cab ride this time.  Once inside, we drank some more and then at some time during the night, my buddy grabbed my *** when I walked past him in the kitchen.  I didn't acknowledge that it happened, I just kep walking.  Later, he did the same thing.  It made me feel very uncomfortable.  You must realize, I was not seeking any of this.  My friend was 100% the aggressor.  He was pursuing me quite heavily, especially since I had allowed him to go down on me the night before. 

I said something to him about it, about me not being ready for this type of thing.  He dismissed it by saying that I seemed to enjoy it and that I could enjoy it some more if I would lighten up.  He was right, I guess.  If I could just lighten up.  But I was so uptight.  I was uptight even when he made his move.  "Come to bed and I will give you what you want".  He told me.  Then he walked into his bedroom and left the door cracked a bit.  I pondered this for at least 5 minutes.  What did he mean "He would give me what I wanted?".  Didn't he know I wasn't gay?  Was he talking about another blow job or something else.  I had no idea what to expect if I walked in that bedroom.  But, I did walk in there.  He was in bed.  When he saw me, he got on top of the covers and motioned for me to come over to the bed.  He was completely naked.  He sat on the edge of the bed and I walked over to him.  He undid my pants and slid them down to my knees.  I removed my socks and pants the rest of the way.  We then got in 69 position and took each other's ***** into our mouths.

I must admit, he was much better at giving a blow job than I was.  He was very good in fact.  As I was sitting there in ecstasy, I began to feel sorry for him because I had no idea how to blow a man.  I tried to mimick what he was doing to me, but to be honest, I just wasn't much into it.  If a person doesn't like giving oral sex, the oral sex is just not going to be very good.

After about 10 minutes, I reached ****** and he took it in his mouth and swallowed it down.  I was very appreciative of this as most women who had brought me to ****** orally would not swallow. IT made me feel very satisfied and I appreciated my friend very much for this.  The pressure was on me after that.  I had to try to get my friend to ******, but after another 10 minutes or so, it was clear that was not going to happen.

"I guess I just can't get you off." I told him.

"There are other things you can do for me.".  He replied to me.

I knew what he meant, though I was certain that I wouldn't do it.  If he wanted to *** **** me, there was no way it was going to happen.  Besides, that was for gay people, and I was not gay.  He indicated what he wanted by sliding his finger along the crack of my *** and sliding it past my *******. 

"I can't do that." I told him.

"Why not.".  He did it again.

"I'm not gay."  I told him.

"Neither am I.  Have you ever ****** a girl in the ***?"

"Yes, but..... "

"It's the same thing."

"Not really."

"For me it is.  For you, well, it is different but I promise you, you will like it."

The conversation went like this and I continued to refuse.  But my buddy persisted.  He then began to get irritated at me.

"I got you off twice with my mouth and you won't do this for me.". 

He was right.  He was masterful with his mouth and had given me what might just have been the best blow job I had ever received at the time.  I did feel bad that he thought I was not being grateful.  Finally, as he was continuing to rub his finger against my *******, I rolled over unto my stomach as a way to signal that I would let him do me.

"If this hurts, I'll make you stop."  I told him.

"He reached into his night stand and got out lubricant and got us both ready.  He then helped me into position (I had never taken a **** before) and then he mounted me from behind, or at least, he tried to.  His **** was pretty thick and my virgin *** would not give way.  He tried several times to no avail.  He was trying to be gentle.  Finally, on the final try, he penetrated by anus with the head of his ****.  My god.  I thought I was going to die.  I literally thought he was splitting me open with his ****.  I lunged forward and his **** slipped out of me.

I flipped over onto my back.  "No way, that hurts too bad".  I told him.  I was sure that his **** would not fit into my anus.  He got me calmed down and talked me into it again.  He penetrated me again and the pain was still excruciating.  But I bared it the second time and he worked his **** deeper into my ***.  I must admit that he was good and patient.  He somehow knew when I was relaxed enough to begin moving in and out of me.  He had an easy rhythm and the discomfort went away slowly.  Then he began ******* my *** in earnest, going deeper, as deep as he could, sometimes too deep, but always adjusting so that I would not complain.

What is it like to have a man's **** in your ***? HOnestly, it was uncomfortable as hell.  It is a lot of work, especially is the man is well hung as my buddy is.  He's not ***** big, but he has a nice thick ****.  Does it feel good?  It didn't feel good to me physically.  Mostly, it was painful and uncomfortable.  But you know, there is something about it that I wouldn't trade for anything.  I guess it is a different feeling that I have never felt before or since.  As a man, during sex, we are usually the aggressor, and our partner accomdates us during sex.  But when you take a man's penis in your ***, you are doing the accomodating.  You are leeting him "use" your body for his pleasure instead of the other way round.  So, yes, I was surprised that I did like my friend ******* my ***.  But I must admit, I got extremely turned on when my friend reached ****** and shot his load into my ***.  I could feel it.  It was warm inside of my ***.  It was also different to hear a man reach ******.  His panting was heavy.  He caressed my *** as he ****** me.  He even told me things like "your *** is so perfect" and "I've never wanted to **** anyone as much as you".  You know, stuff men say to women. Ha, ha.

But, yeah, it was nice.  I can't lie.  It was nice to have a man enjoy my body in that way, knowing I had turned him on so much that he had *** inside of me.

But I warn you- it is painful.  My *** hurt for the next 3 days.  It is not easy, but if you can tolerate a bit of pain, I do recommend it.

After that night, my buddy and I had an on and off affair that lasted for about 9 months.  He was always the giver and I was the receiver.  At one point, he was coming to my apartment 4-5 times a week for anal sex, sometimes more often if his wife was out of town.

The sad and weird part of the whole situation is that I spent the night at my buddies house and his wife walked in on us while he was ******* me.  It was extremely awkward.  I saw her standing in the doorway first.  I was too paralyzed in shock.  She was just standing there looking at us in disbelief.  My buddy didn't see her for another 10 seconds or so.  He just kept ******* me.  I can still remember the sounds of his thrusts in me and his balls slappng against my *** while she stood there. My buddy finally saw her and then he was like "Oh ****!".  Those were his exact words.  She turned and walked away and I was completely embarrassed. They had a huge fight. I had to stay that night because we were all too drunk to drive.  I had to wait for him to give me a ride home the next morning. I know it sounds crazy but when we got to my house, we went inside and he ****** me again.  Back then, he just couldn't keep his **** out of me.  It was okay, I had grown used to our affair and I enjoyed fulfilling his lustful urges.

They worked things out in their marriage, but I was too embarrassed to face his wife, so I stopped going over to there house.  My buddy told his wife he was not seeing me any longer, and he didn't for about 6 weeks or so.  But then he began coming by and we began having sex 3-4 times a week again.  LIke I said, this lasted about 9 months and then his wife caught us together again in a hotel room.  She must have really liked his big **** because he talked her into staying together somehow. But I broke it off with him shortly afterwards because the sex was getting too routine and,  I was beginning to get confused.  it was really just fun and games for me, but my buddy had a hard time letting go.  He pursued me and we did have sex a couple of times later that year, but then it was over for good..

My buddy and I didn't see each other for a year or so after that but we soon picked up our friendship as it was before the sex.  We never have spoken about it since then.  I believe that if one or the other of us would make a move, we might possibly have a short fling.  But we haven't done so.  I don't know if we ever will.  I don't intend to because I am married to a beautiful woman whom I love dearly.  While she is sexually adventurous, I don't know how she would handle it if she knew I had taken a man's **** in my ***, much less if she knew that I liked it. Maybe if it had happened once, maybe she could accept that.  But if she knew he ****** me 100-150 times in my ***?  I don't know if she would handle that.  She knows a lot about me, but one thing is certain, I have no intention of every telling her that I have been ****** in the *** by a man.  I just don't see what purpose it would serve.  She doesn't need to know as I am disease free and have always been so.  So I will keep this episode in my past where it should be.  I  wanted to share it with others because, in spite of all the strange feelings I am left with, it was an enjoyable time in my life and I did enjoy it very much when my buddy f&cked my a$s.

I never did get good at blow jabs.  I did get good enough to get him hard so that he could f@ck me, but really, giving blow j@bs was just not my thing. :-)



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Cheers indeed! I've never experienced the rump rodeo but there were some toys placed in there that felt pretty good.

i was at this sex club and we were nacked i went up to a man and started bumming him

I met this guy and after a few chats we met and went to dinner. I knew he was gay and we talked about that and after dinner we went to his room. We got naked and started touching eachother and he lubed up and slipped his **** in to me. It hurt but didn't feel too bad. He ****** me and came and then sucked me.. I was sore for a couple days but still remember that night with him in my *** and me in his mouth

Your story is great thanks. I too have the same feeling when a man ***** me. And god it doesn not hurt me now... I just love the feeling when a man uses me as his **** hole and the feeling when he **** in me is sooooo intense nasty taboo it keeps me longing for more. Like you there is NO way I can tell me wife (although she does suspect). She asked me the other day if she hired me a ***** would I want a man or a woman? and I could only have one or the other. I said a man if he could **** you too, but the revultion that shook her body (we were laying next to each other in bed naked) made me stop from telling her. thanks for sharing!

HOLY ****......WOW.... That was so intense, what a story. got me really horny.