I have too many times been in situations where i have not had money.

I have soo many times not had money to buy food, gas, elctric bill, rent...

I have been in the position where i had to humble myself and beg for help, go to family memberstoo often and had gone to different Churches to ask for help. I have been point in positions where i had to live in  a car with three of my children, taken showers at friends houses , sold my wedding ring for 20.00 just to buy diapers, sold my plasma for 30.00 for gas .  My husband would work a full time job and then get off from there and work temp jobs where they would pay daily to buy us something to eat from a cheep store.  I have been given hand-me-down clothes to put on my kids.  With a greatful heart my desire has always been to give back to people who are going through the same things i have gone throughand everytime i think i can do it , something comes up and there just isnt enough. 

God has shown his mercy on my family so many times that i want to bless people with the same.  Who am i to be less than that?  I have a great testimony, one that would make people think twice about ignoring what a wonderful God we serve. The desire of my heart is to have a place where anyone can come to me , as often as they need to , and never leave me empty handed.  I amnot the only one God loves, He loves us all. I just want to show people through kindness, love and mercy just what it is all about to be a Christian, one that will say I too have been in your shoes and I will not turn my back on you no matter what.  Any suggestions on how i can start this mission of mercy?

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Witness babydoll ... That is all God wants us to spill the Good News to everyone that is what being a missionary is about !!! ive been in that situation before .. not having anything to my name ...and i praise God for watching over me and getting me out of my rut ... God Bless ~ Kellie

We were not that poor before but I know how it is to not have food.