I Want An Online Friend Too (A True Friend) ^.^

I'd prefer to have some best friends cause I believe they are useful in certain occasions. so my purpose is finding bestfriends for my own advantage and I expect from those who want to be my bestfriend that my requirements can be fulfilled or at least you should have a willingness to fulfill them to certain degree then I will be your friend and I will try my best to fulfill your requirements too if it possible. it's basically a win-win situation to be in a friendship as I believe.

so my requirements are you should be able to listen to me and give me advices and be able to make rational open minded conversations with me. I expect from you to ask questions from me and write me long letters at least occasionally if it's possible, chat with me frequently when we both are free.

if you keep me happy or have a willingness to keep me happy then I will try to keep you happy my best. anyway I am not best so I expect your cooperation to make the things work properly if it goes as we didn't expect.

so the friendship should be legit it should be not like you chat with me when you are bored, you should be a legit person who trusts me , believes in me and cares about me, non judgmental towards me. I don't care how you look like, where you are from, what you do and your ethnicity, nationality , religion,gender as long as you get along with me well and mature enough to hang out with me and smart enough to make rational conversations or at least you should have a willingness.

if you are a hypocrite or so arrogant then don't contact me no matter how you suit to me.
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Aug 5, 2013