Not Too Old But Still Need More Friends

 I am 22. I don't have many friends... I don't hurt anybody, i believe in to be nice with everybody. " If u cannot do good at least try not to harm them " that is what the motto of my life is... 

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10 Responses Dec 26, 2009

Sweet I'll be an online friend.

no i dont bite other animals... i am a friendly fish :)

:) thnx

@ sistermary... lolz looking fwd to have a clotch with ya<br />
<br />
@ kaylors... i dont believe one can have such friends.. but if u have tthen ur lucky indeed...

If you think girls are the only ones who like to chatter then try a truck driver if we ever meet I'll have a coffee clotch with you

@thought1... i think they are more "stress relievers" than time wasters :D

@ zotz123... i know girls love to talk ( i am a girl)... And yes i am chatty but i think if u don't have anyone to talk u wont talk with doors and walls lolz<br />
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@unshakable... i agree with u

what can you do with them - THEY ARE NOT REAL<br />

Having few good friends is better than many horrible friends.I find my visual friends are so much sincere,kind and passionate than real world friends.At 61 i choose to have few friends.Now i have so many.

Dear searchingmyself,<br />
It sounds like you're a nice guy and should have more friends. Do you talk? Are you chatty? Girls love that. I like your motto. It's very true. It's called "the negative golden rule." The golden rule is: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." If you flip that around you get the negative golden rule: Don't do unto others what you would not have done to you. They're both as old as the bible, at least. People figured those out a long, long time ago. Take care! Zotz123