Just Starting

I started out along this path for the wrong reason, but now that I've done it, I'm doing it for myself, I love the way I feel now, I have more confidence in myself, and I feel people look at me differently now... I have not and will not use steroids, so I don't expect to keep seeing huge gains, but for me that is ok, I just want to keep this up and see what I can become.

I aspire to be somewhat of an amateur bodybuilder (For me, I'm not the flashy type so I don't want to compete) I started this around 10 months ago (too impress a girl), soon it became obvious that she hated that type of thing... But for some reason I grew too love it... I love how I feel so hyper now, so full of energy, and I feel like my mind is working at greater capacities. So although I started it because of a stupid reason, I'm glad I did because it gave me a new appreciation for myself, and has taught me a lot about my body. I don't have a gym near me so all of my exercises are mostly from my own body weight (exception I have a cheap dumbbell set that goes up to 100 lbs)
I'm 6'2 and weigh ~180 lbs
41" chest
~27" waist
15.3" biceps/triceps (I feel these need the most work)

Curls ~20lbs
Benching ~90lbs
Push ups ~6 (last 2 often where more of a half push up)
Sit ups ~ 45
Chin ups - strait up 0

Curls ~55-60 lbs
Bench ~ 170 lbs (from doing push ups mainly)
Push ups ~45
Sit ups -150+ (I find these are easy, but the amount vary depending on how much you have eaten before doing them, the more I eat the sooner I cramp up)
Chin ups -8 (I know not a lot, but this is what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment thus far)

I realize a lot of people are going to see this and laugh, OMG this kid fails, or something along that line, but I want to point out that I don't care what you think, I'm doing this for me, I also want to point out that I have no equipment for training, the only time I get to test my limits is if there is an open weight room at my school (I graduated so I'm only allowed in about once a month), and finally I want to point out I'm a beginner! Of course I don't know what I'm doing, I'm reading random at home exercises on the Internet and trying out the ones I feel will work out the best for me for Pete's sake!!!!!!
bommer537 bommer537
18-21, M
May 23, 2012