I want my old (young) body back! I used to have muscles, when I worked as an entertainer and did a lot of acrobatic stuff. Then I got a neck injury which has restricted my activity for the last few years, and my muscles have mostly atrophied to the point where I don't wipe the steam off the bathroom mirror after showers, so I don't have to see myself. 

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Have you thought of Trying the Fit Kit or Core Kit from Body By Vi it is working For Hulk Hogan, Ryan Jensen, Roy Jones Jrs and many others let me know if you want some info and i would be happy to help challenge yourself and get that Transformation.

Too bad about your muscles and weight loss. Only thing for it is protein and weights. I appreciate how important muscle tone is as my mobility depends upon it and weight lifting is an important part of my day. But never mind how it looks. It's what's on the inside that counts.

Who is polly? It seems like it might be a good idea to delete some of my old comments, don't you think, clarkee?

now this would have been more interesting with pollys comment intact.

Thank You Clarkee. I know you understand how much my sweet darling EP-fiancee means to me.<br />
<br />
PollyD, I regret that I have but one life in which to thank you for saving me from the dark parts of myself, even when it seemed that I was doing my best to make you turn away from me. Every night I thank the stars that you are there (even while wishing you were here) and every day the memory of your smile brightens even my darkest shadows. I *so* love you.

you guys make me have a small sweet smile

Thank You, Polly, for the Big Hugs and for your wise comments. I will try to remember that I am bigger than my biceps! ; )

Thank You, clarky, my newly-discovered long-lost sister! I think I've probably lost another couple of kilograms in this last couple of days, and am even more cadaverous at present. Perhaps I will soon stop showering naked as well? Some of those protein powders and supplements are on my shopping list for when I can afford them. (Soon!)

poor dex, dont you know you dont need a mirror. its all in the way you use whats in the mirror. beleive your sister she wont tell you no lies.