Please Lick My ***!

My legs are spread open and I'm on my knees with my *** in the air. I'm just begging to have it licked. I thrust my fingers in my ***** and finger **** myself until the ***** juice is making a puddle on the sheets below me. I take my wet finger and rub **** juice across my *** hole. Will you lick it out for me?
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18 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Of course I will!!!

would really like to lick your well used wide open *******

always, right now as well ... so tell me, do you want me to lick your *** while I'm plugged ?

I want to feel your anus open around my tongue mmmm

anal heaven !!!

Love seeing a hot female *** bent over in front of me. First my mouth waters, then I want to lick nibble, and probe with my tongue. When ready, if you like I'd love to have you *** with me in your back door.

would love to oblidge. May I see that fine ***.

im ready to lick it in doggy position no enter ur finger in ur ***** i will do all mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Yes, yes yes

I would absolutley lick your *** for you. More than that, I would tongue **** you as deeply as possible. Every now and then give your **** a little lick then run my tongue right back up to your ***.

...& wot about a niner, balls deeping ur arse after I lick ur bum cheeks

hell yes ;)

would love to lick the ***** juice off your *** and bury my tongue in your crack

oh... yes i would, tongue ******* you.... yum..yum...

I would love it !!

That would be so hot! I would love watching you touching yourself as you get all excited and worked up. My mouth would be watering and my **** would be rock hard. Dying for a taste, I would eagerly drop down between your legs, taking in your intoxicating aroma for a brief moment before burying my tongue in your pretty little, sweet ***! I would eagerly lap, savoring every taste, shoving my tongue in as deeply as possible. I can almost hear you now, moaning in ecstasy as you grind your *** on my face and furiously work your ***** with your fingers. My reward would be all the delicious *** dripping down from your *****....I would drink down every last drop :D

I'll eat that *** right out. Add me back.

I'd love for you to sit on my face and let me stick my long tongue up your *******.

Ohh Yess please M'am. Please let me please You and lick Your lovely ***!

Ohh M'am, that will hurt.

Your anus is the centre of the universe ...


"open wider for me"