I Had My First Wash And Set At The Age Of 16 And How My Mom Got A Big Surprise A True Story

I had my first experience having a wash and set back about 30 years ago in the 80's.I lived about 3 blocks from a beauty salon but this one did not have the sinks in the front but in the back.So i was going to this salon as a male for about 2 years and i always had it in me to ask the girl Debbie not her real name that always did my hair if she could do a wash and set but i did not have the nerve to ask her until one Monday during the summer .I knew the shop what days were busy and what does were not busy and Monday was the day.So i decide to walk over Monday morning after my mom went to work and it was on my mind the whole weekend .So after my mom left for work i waited like 20 minutes and started to walk over and i walk back and forth the shop like 5 times and i check the area to see if there was any one was around that i knew .So i walk in and of course no customers and Debbie walks out from the back and she was like hey whats going on and i was like not much.

So then she was like what can i help yea with and i had my head down and i was wondering if i can get a wash and set and i said it so soft that she did not hear me and i was so nervous.So she was like i did not hear yea and again i was like i was wondering if you can give me a wash and set.So she had this look in her eyes like are you serious and i was like forget about it and she was like wait a minute.So she grabs me by my hand and she was like come with me and you are going to love me after i am done i am the queen doing wash and sets.So she takes me in the back and this time she goes to make it your first wash and set i am going to make you so beautiful.So she takes me in the back to wash my hair and then she was like after she washed it go over to the middle chair and i will be right there.So it was a few minutes and she comes back with the whole cart of rollers

So after she gets the rollers she goes to me i will tell yea a few things what i am doing .So first she cut some of my hair not much just a little bit and then came the setting lotion and then came the rollers .She ask me which rollers do i want the big ones or the small ones and i shook my head and told her i do not know.So i could not believe it i had rollers in my hair and while she was doing my hair she was like if you want while your hair is drying i can do your nails ..Then one of her co-workers Jennifer a lady in her 50's decide to take a break and first walked past us and she was like to me hi princess and i was like hi and i saw debbie in the mirror smiling So she asked Debbie what she was having and she was like a wash and set.So after she was done with the rollers in my hair she was like hold on for a minute to see if i can find a hair net.So her co-worker jennifer was like i have a pink one right here.

So Jennifer put it on me because Debbie had to go to the rest room and i also got the ear pads.So after she puts me under the dryer debbie comes out of the back and this time comes with a cart of all nail stuff. .So she was like can i do your nails and i was like ok and she clean my nails and then she ask me what kind of polish do i want and she was like how about Red..So she also did my nails.So after about 5 minutes later on lord and be hold and i almost had a heart attack but my mom comes walking in the salon to make an appointment for her.So she seems me and she was like to debbie and she whispers to her what is my son doing here and debbie told her she i mean he is having a wash and set.So my mom walks over and she was like hi sweetheart how is everything and i was good i guess and she was like i will wait for yea.So after my hair was dried i went over and debbie took out the rollers and comb out my hair and with a lot of hair spray i was done and i loved it .So my mom paid and i got in the car and i will never forget the words my mom said to me was you look so great and then she was like was this always a dream of yours and i was like yes .Then we talked for a few hours and went home and watch a movie and talked some more

So we went home and my mom told me how to treat my hair very carefully and she told me how to protected it when i go to sleep .So the following morning i got up and my mom help me with my hair and she was like god go look in the mirror you are so beautiful.So i looked in the mirror and i was like wow i did it my first wash and set
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I loved that you put so much detail into this experience. It makes it more vivid for us to read.