My Husband Does Watch Me Get ****** By My Black Bull

I prefer to **** black men & my useless submissive hubby gets to watch if he's been good enough. He's watched me take big black **** in my mouth, ***** & *** while he yanks on his pathetic little weenie.
StrictMarie StrictMarie
41-45, F
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Mmmm fuckinh hot

my fantasy is to be directed to lick my wife's ***** clean clean her bull was finished. and if directed to lick him clean too

Lucky, lucky hubby!

hi nice story

My wife lets me too,it's great fun seeing her get what she needs & deserve's !

Good on ya girl. To add to your hubby's submission you should be black bred. That way when you are public with your black baby and hubby everybody will know he has been cuckolded

Very nice of you to let him watch & play with himself.

Bless your heart.I like your style.

the way it should be god job StrictMarie

StrictMarie, <br />
<br />
"Now I know why he's so well behaved," says the brunette lady in your avatar. "And so does he," his masterful wife replies as she reddens his squirming bare bottom. Embarrassing, enfuriating and intimidating! As the wife in the picture disciplines her wimp husband in front of her friend, I'm sure you wouldn't hesitate to turn a wimp over your knee, pull down his panties and spank him in front of creamy22 and 1van.., showing them how to handle wimps. <br />
<br />
You make it clear that you are indeed a strict, uncompromising lady, as is my wife. She and her Bull require me to be "well behaved," polite and effeminate.

Please help me find a ***** has been wet with the idea of sharing that experience with my man.....all suggestions are welcomed

I'm a wf who loves having sex with black men....I feel so submissive and the sex has almost always been super. thanks for sharing.

yes i do know my place and know my wife needs real men to **** her

Good to see that you know your place sissycuck, just like my wimp of a husband.

i always try to be good so i can watch and do the same as your hubby