This Has Always Been A Fantasy Of Mine

ok i like to be told when i can and cant pee and i would like to be some 1s pee slave and they would put a cork or something in my pee hole for how ever long they want so they can watch me squirm around when i have to pee really bad and then if they think i have had enough then and only then would they take my plug out to let me go pee but they could put it back in after i let only some of my pee out if they choose or they could let me empty my bladder put the plug in me and make me drink untill i have to pee again. i would also like to have to wear the plug in public but i would not be allowed to take the plug out only the person who inserted it into me or 1 of their friends who they said could take it out. i would like it if they told me if i was a good girl i would not have to wear the plug in public but after wearing the plug for a long time all the time i would have no control so i would always have to have the plug in me but i want to loose all control over my pee and have to wear diapers i think that would be fun but i would also like to have this done leading up to the diapers. and i would also like if i peed with out consent from the person i would get punished such as like having a thong put on me back wards and the string rammed into my ***** hard and fast while i get told not to pee while some 1 else is fingering me trying to make me pee so i would get punished more although im not sure how they would punish me any more though is there any ideas on that 1? and i also kinda wanna try bondage and like have some 1 tie me to the bed spread eagle either while im asleep or awake and have some 1 touch me and do what ever they wanted to me as long as it would not have lasting effects and if every one that was doing it was std and sti free. so if this was u what would u do to me ?
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Have you ever tried using a catheter?

Sounds as if you need a master message me this is what you are looking for and i am in search of my girl...........

what if you were walking around with the cork in, and you had to pee so bad it popped out and you just started peeing really fast?

I have a very painful punishment idea.<br />
<br />
When you go unauthorized, the people will know your bladder capacity. For every ounce of pee you go, they get one ounce of hand sanitizer, to pour over your hole. They cando it all at once, or can pour it over bit by bit.

I would love to help you, what fun it would be, why dont you just get a large catheter and block off the end, or just fit a tap. it's all available on eBay, especially in Germany. but you need to take care not to get infections. Best wishes to you all and thanks for being my friend.

Your pee hole is sealed shut, and your jeans are locked tightly around your waist. When your bladder fills up, it will stretch and cramp, making you suffer until I remove the wax. You may try, but will not be able to.

but what if i do try to pee ?

As the hot wax runs down the crack of your ***, sealing your pee hole, all you can do silently cry, tears streaming down your face. The wax sealer sets up quickly. "I'm going to release your nose. You may cry, but you will not scream, am I clear?" You quickly nod your head yes, desperate to breathe. I release your nose and you cry uncontrollably, but don't attempt to scream. I release you from your binds, dress you in very tight, restrictive clothes, and chain your jeans on with a padlock, making you unable to take them down, let alone remove them. You do not yet need to pee, but I start making you drink bottles of water. Before you finish your 2nd bottle, I see you display signs of desperation. "My pet, you have no choice but to hold it this time, and I'm going to enjoy watching you squirm."

oh daddy keep going please

oh daddy keep going please

You squirm helplessly, tears running down your face. You feel your ***** lipsbeing spread wide. "ooooooo, eeeeessssse, ooooooooo!" you plead through your gag. I lean to your ear and say, "This is a special tiny hole sealant wax, very hot and very painful, designed to seal leaky holes. I'll leave this on your little leaky hole and fill your bladder up. If you're a very good girl, I'll remove the sealant tonight at midnight. If not, more punishment will be necessary, am I clear?" "uhhh huhh," you say, still squirming. You feel your nose pinched closed as I pour the hot sealer wax on your tender ****, sealing your pee hole and running across your ***** and *** hole, down the crack of your ***. You try to scream, but can't because you can't breathe...respond and I'll continue.

**** jeje thts hot as hell ill play wth u

You are no longer able to control your bladder, and the warmth of your urine soaks his finger, and then quickly soaks the bed. You cry harder through your gag, tears rolling down your face from under your blindfold. "Oohhh my dear, you have failed today's lesson." You hear candles being lit. Now your captors strap you to a chair, positioned where your **** is displayed and splayed open, leaving you completely helpless to protect yourself against your painful punishment. They step back and watch you struggle in your binds, trying to free yourself, or at least close your legs...

The hot candle wax would run down your **** to your *** hole, covering your pee hole, not in it. The men step back and watch as you squirm and moan in your desperation. Then you feel a hand lay lightly on your bladder. As he begins to apply pressure and massage, you squirm more and moan louder. Then, to make matters worse, you feel a finger tease your ****, only back and forth, not up and down. Will you pee? Can you hold it?

yes i will pee and i cant hold it

You slowly spread your legs, using every ounce of energy you have to keep your bladder in check. Now you feel ropes being tied around your ankles, making you completely helpless against all tortures they might do to you. "Please let me pee! You can do what you want to me after that, but I need to pee bad!" you beg. "We know you're going to be home alone all day, and we're gonna have some fun." You squirm as you feel a finger lightly tease your slippery ****. "No, no, no, mmmmphh!" One of them shoves your panties in your mouth, then duck tapes your mouth shut, then the teasing stops. "Now, that ought to quiet you down. Today, the lesson is staying dry. We are going to play with your breasts, nipples, ****, *****, and bladder. As long as you stay dry, we won't have to punish you." He places his finger between your legs and very lightly strokes your tender little **** up and down. "Now if you pee, I have some candles that make puddles of hot wax, perfect for sealing little leaky holes. Am I clear?" "Mmmmm hhhhhh," you reply, crying and squirming...

how would u play with my bladder and what if all the wax never comes out it could cause serious problems

As long as you continue to comment, I'll keep writing. They take your pan As they take you to your bed and cuff your hands to the rails above your head, you plead with them, "I need to pee, please let me pee!" your captors use a leather strap to buckle your chest down to the bed, then you feel another leather strap across your bladder. "No, no, I have to pee so bad! Please don't!" you beg. The strap hasn't tightened yet, and you feel your tender nipples and **** being teased as one of the men whisper in your ear. "Now sweetheart, we won't tighten that strap, if you will spread your legs, feet at the corners... Do you spread your legs?

yes hoping i dont pee every where

Yes, I would love to. Most girls pee first thing in the morning, and I'm sure you're that way too. It's Saturday morning, and you've needed to pee since 3am, when you woke up, turned over, and decided to hold it. You get up, legs pressed together, and as you walk to the bathroom a hand covers your mouth from behind. Another set of hands blindfolds you, and then they gently pick you up and take you back to your bedroom...want to hear more?

yes please