Pee Whole Plug

iv always wanted to try a pee whole plug, the thought of needing to pee but not being able to, seems just wonderful, i like the idea of someone torturing me while i have my pee whole plugged. it would allow me to enjoy the torture more, anyone agree with me ahha ?
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8 Responses Aug 17, 2012

Try using a chastity belt no way pee can escape then

Yes, I do, and will email you early tomorrow, my pet.

The idea that it might stretch your nasty little pee hole, and be painful, makes me happy :-}!

Mmmmm that's such a good idea, and do you have yahoo ?, my email is

No, if you roll it up like you're going to insert it in your ear, it would insert right in into that little pee hole. I want to try it on you, my pet.

It's my kink though. I have heard it mentioned that an ear plug, only maybe waterproof, would do nicely to plug your nasty little pee hole. I would love to try it!

That would be too big wouldn't it :)?

i agree and know of a good way to do this to

If somebody invents this item I'll immediately test on myself!
Anyway it gonna be just a dream: in urology departments the main target is promoting a good urinary flow. Any block is seen as a threat

I think i may be able to help on this one...

Message me :)?