Rest Area

A few months ago my wife and I went on a little trip for our anniversary to New Braunfels TX. It is about 3 hrs. from our home so before we reached our destination we had to make a pit stop at a rest area near Seguin, TX on I-10. It was dark but there was a lot of activity in the rest area. After using the restroom we walked back to our car on a path that was not well lit and decidedto have some fun. My wife was wearing a short sun dress and no panties so it was easy to have her lean bend over and enter her from behind. The path we were on was between 2 parking areas and people were in both. At one pont I couls see a man approaching and I motioned for him to just watch. As he was watching he started ************. This was such a turn on thet it didn't take us long to ***. We gathered ourselves and left. Although it was not lit very well I jnow he could see my **** going in and out of my wife's ***** and she was fully exposed. We have fantasized and relived thie while having sex ever since. My only regret is not letting him join in.
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It was amazing.