Nipples For The Love Of My Life

Up until a few months ago, I really didn't care too much about my body to tell the truth. Could care less about how look to other men and women? But some thing changed in me all of sudden.  I guess perception of a feeling of sorts. Then, one night was laying down in my room, not very sleepy and jittery. All of sudden, I started to pucker my lips and rolled around a bit. Accidentally, I wetted my right index finger and unconscionably rubbed it on my chest right at the top of my left nipple. Feeling a tickling sensation, my hands cowered  back from under my shirt, like it had done something. I felt guilty for seven long moments, as the wind shifted the trees backwards and forward with my head tucked under the cover. My hands balled into fist laid at the side my face. Until, my right hand slowly slid away from my pillow down over to the upper waist of my pajama and yielded at my hip. It waited almost a moment to move forward. It seemed like I was about to fall a sleep until my right slither under my shirt lead by middle finger. All of sudden, I felt my right index finger playing a game of tag with my left nipple. At first, it was a couple, then a triplet, followed by a crowd of fingers on my chest having cocktail party. I could feel the intensity of my nipples, and the shape of my breasts. After a few moments, I then had an urge to moan, faintly.  . .


Over the last couple of months, I have been look for way to make my breasts and nipples bigger (and sometimes have milk come out of them), though not for a man, a woman, a career opportunity, or society. It is an undeniable quest to fulfill my own desire, as I am trying to move from an AA cup to a full B to moderate C (a D, if I am very fortunate) and gain colossal size nipples and areolas (and hope they can darken like charcoals).  I have been using herbal phytoestrogens, anti-androgens (high Andro woman), EFA (essential fatty acids - more incorporated into my diet), and massages (which is pretty much ************ with my **** every night) to increase the size of bossoms.  I've used snake bit kits to enlarge my nipples temporarily, and experimented with a rented Noggleberry pump from a friend.  Both worked so great, but sadly I had to give the late back and the snake bit kits lost their suction.


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Have you had any success?

Can I see the before and after pics :-)<br />
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Good luck!

I have used the custom designed suction cups used to correct inverted nipples.