Car Sex

I once had a girl in my car in a field and i asked her if she would **** herself on my gear leaver !!, it was quite big so i covered it with lube (I always carry some around, well you never know). After smearing her ***** with lube she lowered herself on the wooden knob and got so far but it was just to big so i had to loosen her up by ******* her I could feel her ***** stretching and relaxing and the final lubrication would come from me after about 5 minuites, as i gave a yelp and six or seven good spurts of *** rushed up her to lubricate her vagina.
She was now stretched, relaxed and lubricated. "Quick i want you to **** the gearstick" she quickly hopped over me as I put the car in reverse gear for the angle to be right, I could see my *** dripping out of her wet ***** and was worried that she might lose it all, she lowered herself over the wooden knob of the gear leaver, I saw a big string of *** fall right onto the wooden knob, then she lowered herself on it and with a yelp it disapeared up her vagina, i looked, her fanny seemed really streched but i could tell she was enjoying it, then at this point i pressed my clutch in and turned the engine over, the vibrations from the engine traveled
up the stick, she moaned and groaned, I reved up the engine, she sighed, I felt myself getting hard again and had to be careful not to let the clutch out! This went on for a few minutes and her breath and sighs became louder and quicker, her legs started to shake
and quiver then with an almighty scream she reached her ******, I grabbed her and helped her off and over colapsing onto the passenger seat her whole body was vibrating and shaking all the way down her thighs, her belly, I could see the holes of her vagina and her *** twitching and pulsating, wow I had never seen a girl ever climax as massive as this, to this day! I know longer see this girl but everytime i go for a drive and change through my gears it brings back fond memories !!! My life now has become quite boring lol x.
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That's fantastic!