New Fantasy

This was not my fantasy until I met a wonderful guy on EP. He looks totally hot in a swimsuit and since then I can think of nothing nicer than having sex with him dressed in matching swimsuits!
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Did he *** in your swimsuit

Exactly which swimsuits do you two usually wear? My favorites are the speedo lycra racerbacks and tyr maxbacks. I love wearing my girlfriend's swimsuits when we fool around and have sex.

i'm glad someone made you think this way :) and i'm sad it wasn't me ;)

Don't be sad
Be my friend too! X

I have been reading your stories about the swimsuits.
You inspired me to go out and buy a one piece girls speedo and try it on.
I cannot describe the feelings I had the first time I slipped into it and felt the smooth shiny suit on my skin.
Sinice then I put it on every chance I get. I love rubbing myself through the swimsuit.

What kind do you have? Do you wear it often?