We Both Enjoy It

I can honestly say that most of our experiences have been very positive and so far we have no regrets. I have also spent time discussing this experince with other couples that have been contemplating sharing each other. This level of commitment in relationship can be dangerous, but it has also improved many relationships. It's not for everyone!

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Very cool, Lisa. I'm a former **** star and also do outcall sensual massage in the Seattle area. I've had sex with many wives in front of their husbands, and it's always been a very positive, thrilling experience for everyone. I think a lot of married people go through life developing regrets for not trying and experiencing other things, and for those couples that are stable this kind of sharing can really enhance their relationship.

I would love to see you get" creative". Do you have any stories about that? Would love to be your friend. Thanks Bustacap

These are erotic times, but both partners need to be ready for the non-sexual aspects of the wife having a lover. Shortly after we were married, we were sharing fantasies (as most folks do) and after I shared with my wife that I'd be turned on seeing her with or knowing she was with another man, she shared with me that she'd been thinking about ******* a guy she'd enjoyed oral with at work, on their lunch breaks. They'd never gone all the way, but she wanted to.<br />
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Naturally, I agreed, almost ******* at the thought of it! We had him over and were enjoying various scenarios with him on a regular basis. So much so that we all agreed it would be sexy for him to just show up and take her whenever he was horny. Possibly even bring a friend sometime, or the guys from his golf foursome (he never did bring the guys - I don't think he quite knew how to approach them about the idea). <br />
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What happens though, is that a lover can sometimes show up when you least need sex. Like when you have family over. Or when both of you are dead tired from work and don't feel like playing. It takes some finesse to handle these situations, as the lover shows up because he is horny and as my wife's lover put it: needs to ***. As you talk about how often you will "entertain" lovers in your bed, think about how the relationship will develop, and how you'll deal with family or times you can't play. It can be a pain, and after our lover took a new position in Canada and remarried, we decided we'd keep more control in the next relationship, and not make the wife so available. The spontaniety is great, but it comes with a price.

my husband loves to watch. I love men. Can't stand when he flirts/other women coming onto him. He knows what he has to do!

so far it`s just alot of talk with me. but I`m very curious about maybe trying it for real sometime soon. I just have to get my guts up and get this off the ground someday .

I don't think it's something I could have done in front of either of my husbands ... I'm broadminded and so are they but it's not something that's ever appealed to me ... but I can imagine it would be great if the set-up is right ... good luck to you!!

We have had problems with "Stage Fright" before, but that's when I get creative!

I'm certain sex with you would be amazing, but the thought of your husband watching would scare me to death. I hope I could perform.