Public Sex

I think having sex in front of other people is an ultimate high.  While stationed in Germany it happened to me on several occassions.  Of course it wasn't planned but it still did not take the thrill away from it.  My wife at the time was in the US Army just as I was...after PT we would go take our shower in the barracks since we lived so far from post...after our shower we would go to this field in the area and wait for our morning formation.   We would start making out and of course one thing led to another and we would start making love in the car.  There was a local business on a small hill about 100 yards from where we parked.  The car was somewhat cramped so we would get out and I would bend my wife over the hood of the carand proceed with our love making.  And Donna, my wife, was not quiet when it came to our love making.  While I was taking her from behind I saw the workers from the local business gathering to watch us.  I mentioned it to Donna but either she didn't hear me or she didn't care...either way it just excited me knowing we were being watched having sex.  It drove me to re-new my effforts...I drove deeper & harder into her wet, hot *****.  When I finally could contain myself no longer, I came hard in Donna and she was almost screaming in I pulled out of her, the workers started clapping and whistling...what a rush!!!  From that time on we made it a point to return at least once a week to put on a show for the local workers...

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"Of course it wasn't planned" Yes, but it was such fun when it worked out right, wasn't it? (Sometimes probability needs a little assistance, eh? Oh dear, I think I have had a glass too many of post prandial wine. Nice experience. Thanks.

Being watched while having sex adds to the pleasure......the neighbors watched Cheryl and me for years but when we had somebody watching 3 feet away was really hot!

mmmmmmmm damm you wasn;t the only one gettin off then ??:) lol

...they were about 150 feet from us, on a small hill