A Slippery Assignment From A Dom

Gather a non-electric sex toy of your choosing and go to your restroom. Shut and lock the door. Remove all of your clothing.  Turn on the hot water and start a shower. Once the water is warm enough, you will enter the shower with your sex toy and turn the water temperature so that it's slightly warmer than where you would typically have it. Lather a good amount of soap into both hands and close your eyes. Begin rubbing your hands up and down the front of your body, caressing your breasts, nipples, hips, neck and waist. You'll think of me there standing behind you, body pressed to yours, feeling my warm thick, wet ****, pushed firmly against the small of your back. Those are my hands now and they're moving all over your body. They caress first and then begin moving more intensely, until you feel as though you're being groped. Move your hands now to your breasts, grab and squeeze them, slowly increasing the intensity until you feel as though they were my hands groping you. Grab your toy, turn so that your *** is directly being hit by the shower and slide the toy inside your hungry *****. It's at this point now that I run a hand across your waist, pulling quickly up and pressing you tighter into me. I push your hair aside and begin to kiss your neck. I work my way to your ear, biting your ear lobe playfully and then whisper in your ear... "Put your hands on the wall in front of you and bend the **** over". You do as you're told and I slide my **** into your warm, soaked *****. I grab you by the hips and take you.... You'll imagine this scene and keep ******* yourself to ******. --- Please write up your experience again. I quite enjoyed your last e-mail.

If I had a nickel for every time I've read a shower sex scene, I'd be able to buy a beet and goat cheese salad at my favourite French bistro.  Note that I did not say a small chocolate bombe or a slice of strawberry gateau.  I am trying to get more fit so that I can feel comfortable making the shower scene a reality.  My body is nice, to be sure, but to be nude with a man other than my husband, I want to tighten up a few of the bits that jiggle more than an optimal amount.  Particularly if we're engaging in behaviour that will involve pushing, pulling, sliding and slamming into me.  And my sliding and slamming back onto him. Behaviour most fervently wished for.  Behaviour not currently experienced. 

My secret internet lover's instructions in using the toy were, if I understand him correctly, designed to make my "hungry *****" feel full as I imagined his hands upon me, caressing, groping, grabbing, squeezing, pulling, pressing.  His mouth kissing, biting, whispering.  His ****, sliding, filling, *******, possessing.

That's the head game here.  To touch myself and use some very nice silicone toy - for the record, I cast my lovely 7.5" *****, Henry V  - whilst thinking of him.  Hal is just a stand in, the stunt double.  If we had our druthers, we'd be in that shower together.  Slippery, soapy, salacious, stopping only when sated.  Temporarily.

The places he's said he'd touch are touched by me.  I even pinch my earlobe a bit to simulate the feel of his teeth nipping me there.  I have no way to emulate his hot breath on my neck, but I think about it and am warmed by the thoughts.

There's something wonderful about his words, even if it is only make believe lovemaking.  One can ****** quite effectively channeling such lovely images when they're written by an ardent lover, regardless how many miles separate the two of you.  All it takes is a pair of skillful hands and a good imagination.

And so I do.  ****** quite effectively, that is.  My first ****** of the day but by no means my last.  There are other adventures yet to come later in the day. 
You see, further to his instructions for me was this:
Make 30 minutes of time for me tomorrow evening where you and I will speak on the phone. I will make myself available after 7pm.

I straighten in the shower, still trembling a bit with aftershocks from *******, thinking of the phone call ahead, hungry for the sound of his voice.
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Mmmmmm, a lovely head game. Well played. <br />
<br />
Do you play away as well as home games?

So far, there've not been any full blown games away. But one never knows what the future holds.

Ahh, always nice to have something to look forward to, or to fantasise about. My partner was my Mistress and my mistress for a couple of years. I surrendered and grew through the experiences, both painful and delightful.

You and I need to chat.

Indeed, happy to and have opened to that suggestion a number of times lately. I suspect you have many suitors for your time on EP and not seen the messages. I'm on an iPhone at the moment which is slow to type. I have 20 min B4 train free now but it may be better to connect later. When's a good time for you to chat? What's your local time? I'm GMT+ 9.5 hrs. Did you mean gmail IM or Skype IM or video type chatting?

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