Why Not?

I have a "relationship" at home and except for the sex, it is a good relationship. But, I don't have enough sex. I want sex, I want a lot of sex, I want it now...is that too much to ask?

Now, there has to be some sort of attraction to make the sex that much better, but not necessarily a "relationship". Where does one go to get laid, to have nasty, rough, dirty sex? But, with someone you can trust?

I'll bet no one can tell that I am extremely horny right now, can they?

purpleriz purpleriz
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18 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Your horny? I can not tell.. hehehe PA ...BTW

Nope, I couldn't tell that you were horny. The story sounds like your dealin sloppy seconds.

Lol you are definitely not alone on that boat, Purple.

ancientcelt... I am melting at your avatar!!!!! So CUTE!!!!<br />
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Yes, I agree with JimmO, be careful purpleiz...that's why I said find a "nice" guy... go on a message board that has nothing to do with sex, find him, get to know him a little, then "reel him in" with a little suggestive talk...<br />

Hey tiger...I'll let you know when Josie & I are ******* (oops, I meant coming) ;-)<br />
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That's how it is at my house, seanachai. My husband is so reserved, quiet and shy where I am definitely NOT. Believe me, I have tried to get him to open up a little more, explore a little, even try new things...all with little or no results. His idea of "wild" is doing it in a room other than the bedroom.<br />
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And, it isn't just all about the lack of "banging", there isn't much intimacy or physical contact at all...

JimmO <br />
"Why does this happen? The awesome, beautiful, sex craving women get stuck with partners who aren't as interested in sex. And the awesome, beautiful, sex craving men find themselves in relationships with women whose idea of intimacy is working in the garden together. What gives?"<br />
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I guess it has to be the opposites attract rule. Sometimes though there is more than just banging each other...couples who do not share the same fantasies or flavors of sex, can find themselves going without because they cannot connect to, or see themselves in their partners fantasies. That said they cannot indulge their partner in that regard, and the sex goes from boring to gone.

Thanks for the concern jimmo...I'll be careful for sure. And, I'm not sure why things happen the way they do...but that's why we have EP, right?<br />
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sreejs, I'll tell Josie we're going to NJ too. Look for us, ok?

Thanks pix...I'll put it out there that I am looking for a local "friend" who will come out and play with me...no creeps allowed. <br />
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And, yes, women are allowed to be horny...based on personal experience, we are hornier than most men... ;-)<br />
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Of course, a road trip with Josie would be a lot of fun too... :-)

PS... It's ok for us "women" to be horny! Men are all of the time so why can't we? :-)

You need to make a special "friend"... this "friend" can fulfill your needs and it won't go any futher...<br />
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I'd suggest finding someone online who's local. I wouldn't share your desires with them right away, make sure they are a good person first (you don't want some creep), then move in with a bit of naughty talk and see if they'd be willing :-)

no not on the way chicago.

Where do you live comeplay? Will it be on the way to SW Ohio & Virginia? I'm bringing Josie with me...<br />
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Now, that is a good question ancientcelt...let me look around for some place and I'll get back to you...

you can go to my place purple

I think I'm going to SW Ohio...then on to Virginia...hey Josie, wanna come with?

Well, if you find your way down to SW Ohio, I can about guarantee that you'll egt what you want and need......from our conversations, I think you will agree.... ;)

You're right! Sometimes i'm torn and want one then the other. But i really would settle for just this one to start.

Yes,Thats true.Sex is most essencial for life.Some of us are deprived off it.And cannt dare to say openly that we are starving for it.

I hope you can find that place. <br />
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I also hope that once you get there, you'll be able to come back, sigh, because we all have to.