I'M Bispeedos Wife



I am bispeedos wife, I truely love watching two or more men **** or make
love to my husband

I sit back and watch as G and bill  **** in front of me.  Slowly working my
***** and making sure that I'm getting nice and wet.  When I think that I
am wet enough, I slowly walk over to the couple, watching as a **** moves
slowly in and out of his friend's ***.  I watch as the friend is working
his **** in his hand as he getting ****** up the ***. I slowly push the
guy's hand away and start to pump his **** for him.  I see that lust and
his eyes and it makes me want to *** just from the look alone.

I get on my knees so I can look at his fat **** and I slowly lick the tip
of his ****. MMM, I taste his yummy salty juices in my mouth and I want
more.  But before I attack his ****, I attack his balls.  Licking them
and taking them into my mouth.  They are so big and full of ***, that I
can only take one in my mouth at a time.  I can hear moaning from my
licking his **** and from the *** *******. I know that he won't be able
to last long.  That is when I go for his **** and I take the whole thing
into my mouth with one swift move.  He places his hand on the back of my
head and forces himself further down.  That is all I need and I begin
bobbing my head up and down, sucking and licking at the same
time.  That's all that he can take and I can feel his **** stiffen before
he **** into my mouth.

I swallow all of it but the last drop.  From the grunts and moans I hear,
I can tell that his friend has *** as well.  With the small amount of ***
in my mouth I slowly crawl up his body until my ***** is in his
face.  It's time for pay back for his *******.  As he ***** me with his
tongue, I kiss his friend with the *** still in my mouth feeding it back
and forth to each other.  It doesn't take long before I feel my whole
body go stiff and my juices fell his mouth. I slowing crawl down his body
and kiss him, tasting my own juices in my mouth.  I'm now sitting on his
lap and I can feel that he is hard again.

 The feel of his hard **** on my ***** makes my body shake.  I stand up
over him and I impale myself on his ****, screaming from the big **** in
my *****.  The friend just sits back for a second playing with himself as
he watches me **** myself on his friends ****. I arch my back and close
my eyes as I pump up and down, up and down, up and down, on his ****.
All of a sudden, I feel a mouth on my breast, biting my nipples making me
scream louder.  I look down and it's the friend still pumping his hard
**** but tongue ******* my nipples at the same time.

As I still **** his friend, I smack his hand away and take his **** in my
hand.  So now I have a big pulsing **** in my wet dripping ***** and a
hard throbbing **** in my hand.  I can feel myself get lost in all the
feelings around me. I know I'm not going to last long pumping this ****
in my hand. I bend over and kiss him as I give him a hand job.  I can
feel him stiffen in my hand and *** in my hand and all over my tummy.  I
stop kissing him so I can lick all the *** from my hands.  I think this
is too much for the **** in my ***** because I feel the first blast of
his *** in my *****.  I love that feeling of *** filling me up and it's
too much for me has I *** for the second time that night.

  I'm spent and I feel wonderful.  I pull myself off that beautiful ****
and I lay down too tired to move.  As I lay there, I can feel two tongues
on my body.  One licking the *** off my belly and another licking the ***
from my *****. I shiver as I have small earth quakes from the licking.
The licking stops and all is quiet.  I look up to see my two men kissing
each other and I know I better get ready for another round.



bispeedo bispeedo
41-45, M
3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

While ticklemichael is tied, I'd like to join in the action with G, Bill, and you, J, while we all give ticklemichael an an experience that he'll never forget! I want to go to the beaches you and G go to! I'm just not getting enough the way you guys seem to be getting it! REALLY HOT stuff!

REALLY HOT! I'd love to be on the same beach when you and your husband attack one or more *****! Thanks for the inspirational wanking session you just gave me! Two wanks in a row with barely a lapse in time between them. You certainly know how to inspire a man's ****!

very sexy!