Want More Sex Real Bad

So, today, I had sex for the first time since May. I have had some oral sex and some finger play, but nothing compared to what I had today. I remember why I love dicks so well. The feeling with one is truly wonderful. And having a man who knows how to get it deep inside and do the right things with it, is terrific. And when his **** wasn't in me, his fingers were. And they were as deep as they could get as well. Thank goodness he wasn't shy. I am beyond happy with what he did with me today. And because it was so good, I want more. Isn't that what happens when you find something you really like, can't get enough. As I sit here, typing, I think about earlier and shudders of pleasure go through me. It has been a very long time for me to feel this good. I think my cheeks are going to be in a permanent smile now.
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It's been 8 yrs since I've gotten any
she was half my age and she said if she'd have known an old goat was that dang good she would have never married a young 25 yr old
we went at it for 9 straight hrs then took a nap she got happy a total of 24 times before she crawled away and locked her self in the bathroom she swore I was trying to kill her
But I really love dinning at the y

if I were in usa dragon I would come and give you some pleasure

good for you!

That you were and are able to enjoy the thrill and sensations and have the attention of one man focused on you and your pleasure is truly a wonderful thing. Have at it, you only live once and being desired, fondled, and thrust in and out of is fantastic.

if thats all that made you happy :) then your goina lovee me :) lol can u add me pleasee ??

you lucky luck girl.....

I have not done a long time and your story kinda switch me on.

mmm reading this makes me want it even more


I hate to admit it's been too long since I've had that affect on a woman. I'm glad you found a man that gave you such pleasure. I hope it's not just a one-time thing.

I doubt that it will be. but, it is just sex and hope it will happen a lot.

Janis Joplin had the right idea :-)

How's that?

1971 song title which made it to no. 78 in the US top 100. ;-}

Zing! ... (fading whistle)

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