Catheter Sex

I have a urethral fetish, I love ************ my urethra, and I LOVE wearing a urinary catheter with a collection bag or a diaper. 

Lately, the fantasy of having sex while wearing a catheter, with a man wearing a catheter is driving me wild!  Just thinking

about this when I ********** makes me *** instantly!  Most web sites recommend against it, but others say its fine, just

be meticulously clean, and men should fold it over their penis and wear a condom to hold it in place.  For those veterans of

Urethral Play, the idea of those catheters pulling and tugging with every stroke of a **** has got to be an unbelievable

pleasure!  It makes me wet just thinking about it!

khako khako 56-60, F 8 Responses May 13, 2010

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I have sex frequently with a 30fr 30cc inflated to 100+ cc.
My wife often requests I put one in just for sex. I also use it to get a good nights sleep. The 2 purposes complement each other... Sex feels great and then you hook up a bedside bag and sleep all night...I leave it in for 1 day to 2 weeks. Sex is great with a catheter for both the man and woman. I am addicted.

Hi Cathman,
That is SO hot!!!! I have *********** my pee hole as much as humanly possible, but I just want to get ****** while wearing a catheter!

I would love to try this myself . With a woman . Who is experienced in applying the catheter to me . prior to making love to her this way

Thank You , for sharing this on here . Appreciate it very much . That I hope to gain more insight into the use of catheter . That of having sex with some one wearing one !

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I'm a male, 75 years and have had a catheter and bag for five years. I am lucky to have several female friends who adore having sex with me while I have my catheter inserted. One insists that I take the bag off and push the catheter inside her, effectively ******* inside her while we make love.It has no effect on my ability to come. In fact it heightens my arousal

Damn, Enlist! 75 years old and still going strong! More power to you!

i have used catheters myself a number of times and it is perhaps one of the most thrilling experiences ever, especially foley catheters that stay in place. i have never done it with someone else, which would only heighten the pleasure i would imagine! the feeling as it slides up my canal and just before penetration into the bladder is wild!! the possibilities with these are almost endless with a bit of imagination and hygene!

Have you fulfilled your dream yet? I have to admit, I love having ### with my wife while I am wearing my Catheter. You are right, I fold it over the top and wear a condom. That way when she is on top, it rub right against her cl&t. She loves it, and I love it! Good luck to you on this!

Just thinking about it is making me wet, you lucky person. :-)

Of all the fetishes I could think of this is one that would never have come to mind. It's exciting reading other people's experiences but I think I still to being a voyeur on this one.

this is one of my goals this year