Sex With A Foley

OMG, tonight I had incredible sex with my husband while wearing a Foley catheter! I have been wanting to do this for so long, but my whole wetting, catheter & diaper fetishes kind of gave my husband the creeps. Today we drove out of town for the holiday weekend. I wore a cute summer sundress which hides a myriad of sins, including a #30 Foley catheter and belly bag.

When we got to our destination, we unpacked, then he wanted to eat my *****. I told him I had been wearing the catheter, so he might not like it. Then I explained all the reasons I love wearing a catheter. I told him how every bladder spasm initiates an incredible ******, I never feel as if I have to pee, it's so handy on long car trips, and just feeling it continually tickling my urethra and bladder interior make me so incredibly horny, I can hardly stand it! Anyway he agreed to eat my ***** and **** me while it was in. I told him if it began to bother him I would immediately remove it. I taped the Foley high up on my abdomen, and was able to conceal most of it and the bag under my sundress so as not to visually distract him. We had the most incredible sex that we've had in years! In fact, he's barely had sex with me at all the last year, but I bet this experience will change that trend! The best part is that he loved it too. I'm hoping he will at least consider joining me in this fetish. That would change our lives completely for the better. I am ready to sleep like a baby after having multiple ******* tonight.
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Sounds like great fun - If I were your hubby I would love to **** you whilst you were wearing a catheter. You wouldn't need to hide the bag either. I would also like to try having sex with the end of the catheter cut so you were leaking pee uncontrollably all the time. I could then lick it up when I went down on you!

Oh my!

Hello again.<br />
Belly bags don't seem to be popular over here for some reason, I have done a lot of searching, I don't like the dangly leg bags and they arn't the best thing for a bloke because all that extra plumbing tends to tug you around a bit especially when attached to your leg, pity I can't fine one in the UK. I might try eBay Germany, that's where I get the Silicone catheters from.<br />
I got my wife to pee in a cloth diaper once and then put in on myself it was kinda nice warm girly wee. not much chance of it happening again, I bet you would though?<br />

Sure I would!

Pity your Hubby doesn't accept, you could have some fun connecting catheters back-to-back and see who wins, I guess it would be the one with the biggest Bladder or highest blood pressure, could be fun. Cross coupled love games.<br />
I have been sporting a ch24 all silicone this weekend, it's out now, I got a little sore and I need to go to work tomorrow, needs time to rest a little.<br />
Love to all Detruser.

Hi Khaka.<br />
I am getting deperate for a belly bag, I just kind of like to try one instead of the usual leg bag. I have sometimes used a leg bag kept in my pants, but somehow I just feel attracted to trying one. They don't seem to be any on the net over here, which is a bit of a downer, I would even try a used one and sterilize it first if I could get one. The ones I have found are all in the US and very expensive. Not sure why they are so much more expensive, but if I import one from the US I will get to pay import duty and extra tax plus additional UK postage even though it would thave been paid from door to door. it's not fair.<br />
Do you use Rusch, they look quite good. Any tips on where to get them? it's not fair, I wish I could help you with yours.<br />
Best wishes Detruser

Hi Detruser,
Yes, I use the Rusch Belly Bag and I love it! Here in the states the range from $15 to $20. Couldn't you contact a medical supply store in your country, or an online supplier and ask them to carry them? It seems a shame to pay so much extra for the same product.

I have a catheter and diaper fetish, I wish my wife accpeted the whole idea, If anyone wnats ot play, sendme an email, it's her loss!!!

Hi Broadened,<br />
I hid this fetish for many, many years thinking my husband would totally freak out. I can't even remember how I let him know that I enjoy catheters so much. What I do know is that the feeling is addictive. I totally understand how you feel just thinking about inserting a catheter! You just HAVE to do it!

What a lucky woman. I am so glad that your are in my circle of friends.

Hi jbf123,<br />
No, sadly my husband will not insert one in himself. He has gone for a walk with me and witnessed me having ****** after ******, but says the idea of putting anything inside himself just gives him the creeps. Too bad, I wish he would be more accepting of my fetishes, but he isn't.

Hi Khako... his loss... i have the opposite problem. if my wife had ANY idea that i enjoyed this sort of thing, that would be the end of it for us. Very difficult to enjoy this sort of thing on the sly, but i cannot stay away! the very thought of inserting a cath right now is making me crazy, and unfortunately i am sitting in my office, not in much of a position to do anything about it...

I remember a story about a mother who upon learning that her teen daughter had had sex with her boyfriend decided to insert a cath and put her in diapers a a female chasity device. Well it didn't work, the daughter and boyfriend had sex any way. he taped the end of the cath so it would leak, hasd sex and then rediapered her. wonderful

Khako, has you husband joined the party yet and tried a Foley catheter? Your stories make me horny as hell and I'm dying to hear if he had tried a Foley yet. If so, can you get him to share the details or if not, can you provide details from your side of it?

Hey Tranny,<br />
No, I've worn catheters for years and years and worked my way up to comfortabling wearing the Fr 30. That was just the first time I had sex wearing a caheter, and I highly recommend it to urethral freaks! Sounds as if you enjoy your urethral play as well!

You never had a Catheter in but started out with a 30FR??.<br />
<br />
Man a 30 is about 3/8 of an inch about like putting a water supply pipe in you....<br />
But your right having sex with a catheter is great. hamster **** has a few videos of Catheters<br />
one is a man and woman she puts about a 20 fr in him you get to see the whole deal She injects lube into him.he is wearing a rubber/latex outfit she is also after she puts the cath in him she injects the baloon then she gives him oral ,they end up having intercourse,It is very hot if you like this sort of thing....Also a site call X Tube several Catheter videos on there as well. ****** with a F cath in is GREAT!. I love feeling the warm bag I cut off the long hose on my collection bag hang it on my desk drawer... I love hearing the bag rattle as I get excited.... I use a 24 FR with a 30 CC baloon. I made a lube injector out of a 20 cc syringe and a used 14 fr cath I cut it off and put it on the syringe.. I fill the syringe by holding it upside down then squirting KY lube into it then put the plunger back in itthat way you dont waste lube...

Wow, Dimon5, you are inspirational!

Wow. Belly bags are a great product.

GOOD for you, I'm happy for you. and glad he is able to handle it a bit for you.

Khako, Has there been any updates on your story I would love to hear chapter 2

Very interesting. I'm glad you wrote about this. Who knew there was such a thing as a catheter fetish or urethra play?