I am interested in this subject. Really interested. But where do you get the catheters??????
Sorry it's off topic but really want to know.
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Do you really mean sex as in intercourse? or just **********? And what type of cathere - a foley? (indwelling) or external? (condom type)
I had a male "patient" who wanted to know what it would feel like to have an ****** while he had a foley catheter inside him. I was happy to oblige by inserting on into his urethra and then stroking his lubed-up **** till he climaxed. The ***** didnt come out of course until after I deflated the bulb and slid out the catheter but he reported his ****** as being extremely intense as a result of the ***** being trapped.
However trying to have intercourse by inserting your penis with a catheter in it into your partner's vagina is quite impractical and cumbersome - you;d have to fold back the tube and then as you plunged in and out of her the tube would yank against your urethra causing significant irritation in a very short time, so I would not recommend this.

On the other hand... I once had a female patient who wanted to be *********** with a vibrator while she had a foley catheter inside her. Again I was happy to oblige, and in her case I added the extra sensations of using the port on the foley to pump saline into her bladder - first, from a chilled bottle and then replacing it with saline that was warmed up. She orgasmed loudly at each such filling of her bladder. The whole thing was so damn hot it got me rock-hard and I had to climb up on the table and give her a good ****.

You sound fun. Need a new patient? lol

Wish I was your patient

Depending on which country you are in. Australia you can purchase them from a chemist either male or female they will ask you what size you want I would say start with a 14 which is small and 16 slightly larger try that. Hygiene is also important so every thing needs to be clean the patient should be washed and shaved. Good luck.

Try I think you will find a wider selection and cheaper prices.

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