I Love Having Sex With Crossdresser's

Hi Wendy here I've been having sex rwith other CD for a few years , and I fine sliding my mouth down a nice thick big **** very execiting, I do beep throat as i love to feel the **** down my throat and suck all the *** out of them have, had 2 **** in my mouth at once which was very hard but very horny and I was getting sucked off at the same time oooooooooo was that sexy or what my head nearly went bangoooooooo just thinking about it gives me a hard on love to do it again, I love the feel of a nice **** in my hand and then going down on it love to feel the warm *** in my mouth its fantastic the next step is to slid my *** upand down a throbbing **** as i've never had a **** inside me but i'm looking forwards to it so any offers please contact my.

lots of love wendy xxx

wendysmith46 wendysmith46
51-55, T
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Hi Wendy. I'm a sissy that would love to be with you. I like sucking **** also and love the feeling of a hard cocking sliding in and out of my ***/*****!!!!

Hi Wendy, just read your story, made my **** so hard I would love to be your lover;)