I Have Been Called A 'gilf'

A few months ago I had a sexual encounter with an 22 yr old man. It was very nice. I get hit on occasionally by young men and I like it. But I've found men over 30 to be more fun as sexual partners. Still, I give the young ones a chance to prove their worth every once in a while.
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6 Responses Jan 23, 2012

Lucky dudes they are indeed.

tell us more about your story!! Sexy Grandma

You are one sexy gilf----if grandmothers would have looked like you when I was growing up, I would have been called a grandmotherfucker!

its a milf :) lol mothers i like to **** :) but hell who i;am i to complain :( lol if gilf works for you so be it :) lol

G as in Grandmother. I'm both ;o)

Never had grandmothers like this when i was growing up??

Young ones are fun because they can recharge more quickly but an older guy will take you places the younger one won't even think of!! What you need is to find a younger guy willing to work along with an older man then you will get the best of both of them at one time!!

Isn't experience a great tool when it is time to seduce a lover? I prefer women who are not young little things - they bore me.