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I have on occasion met with a few housewives purely for sex, I had picked up a lovely lady in Bolton one night who was due to move south to the Oxford area and would love to get in touch with her again as she was one of the best I have ever been with, she was getting married to an old school friend after a messy divorce. we had a delicious night of intense oral and plenty of straight sex. she was a petite but perfectly formed lady in her forties and was out to **** with others as her new partner was not the success she thoought he would be but felt that she could not back out of their plans. She did tell me that she would be taking other lovers old and new once they were married as it was her intention to cuckold him. I hope she comes onto ep and reads this as i am sure she will recognise herself and get in touch.
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ChanelP: My wife's lover, Chris, has been with my wife, my wife's daughter, my daughter, my ex wife, my sister in laws, my wife's cousins wife's and daughters , our neighbor's daughter and their niece, women I work with, and several other women. To some sex is over rated, but to those who find the man or men who make sex great, it isn't over rated at all. <br />
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When a woman finds a man, like Chris, who knows what makes her feel good and can make her ****** again and again sex becomes more than just sex, it becomes an experience that she craves. It sounds to me as though you have not had amazing sex yet, and that is why you feel it is over rated. <br />
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It is my hope that you find a man like Chris someday who just rocks your world and changes how you feel about sex. I know that once you do, you will no longer feel that sex is over rated, but something you can't live without.

That sounds like a whole lot of fun you get to hear about and hopefully watch!!

Why did she stay with him? Sex is over rated anyway.

i hope she does get on EP! i'm dying to hear her stories! good luck!