Plz Mail Me Or We Can Talk On The Phone ;)

okay iam 5'7'' yes iam short i want all kinds of boys to ride me i mean alot haha i love to S U C K alot of men doesnt matter about the age the older the better oh yeah i love to be the girl so yea i dress really slutty lol but yea i want to talk to more CD's i like it rough i love to have a room full of men that i can enjoy all to myself i love C U M yummmmy i love to have all kinds of men up my bum and to be spanked reallly hard over and over i want to be some ones little girl iam now 18 so i want men so plz mail me and maybe we can talk on the phone oh almost forgot. my little storie i was fist pumped by this older guy about 20 he wanted to see my reaction and OMG it hurt and then felt so good up my bum!! yeesssss :) i dont just want one man i want multipal alot!!!
Sexybabe87 Sexybabe87
18-21, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

Plz add me on kik my name is leena saint ;) if u like to talk or see pics