My Fantasy Come True

I am worry personified! Never been more worried in my entire life! I've just sucked hic **** you are telling me not to worry! I'm standing, staring, wondering what to do, what you will do with me, or to me - next
But suddenly I know I need not worry. You are coming towards me, reaching your arms out; I'm kissing you again very tenderly this time, very lovingly. My lips playing gently with yours, our bodies intertwining as we grope each other madly
The things take a turn, for the better I think. You are becoming more forceful, I feel your strength as you hold me, feel your ardor as you caress me, feel your **** begin to swell again feel your desire as you moan softly to me "Darling, I needed you then, I need you now, and I know you want me... to make love."
You lay me down on the floor, Lays down beside me, begin to unfasten my blouse, slide a hand over my 'breast'. The other pulls my short skirt tease my panties to one side, I shiver as you move on top of me, your **** now proudly erect again, hunting for access to me
I breathe in sharply, in anticipation. I feel your easing into position, I open my legs wider, pull my nylon-clad legs up higher to position my bum so you can press your **** close up against my arse crack, straining slightly as you begin to enter me. I am in turmoil, earlier thoughts come to mind, the feelings of the breeze against my thighs. How did that lead to this?
I remember my earlier thoughts, 'People like me, 'decent' people, middle-aged people, professional people, men don’t do this.'
Forget all that I'm here, I'm ready to be a woman now. I feel your erection, the ****-head pressing into my exposed arse. Just a little pain, quite some discomfort until suddenly, smoothly, ecstatically, excitingly it slides in!
I reach up to kiss you to offer my thanks for making me a woman, not realizing then the sheer delight, the wondrous feelings the satisfaction, the erotic, ecstatic, fulfilling, literally filling, feelings of your ***********. But now you are sliding smoothly, ever faster into and out of me. I'm panting and groaning, wanting it to go on yet realizing the climax is going to be great significance to the whole of my being, out of this world.
As your ardor grows, your muscles thrust. I'm still kissing every bit of your body your erect stiff **** now smoothly lubricated reaches the limit of its travels and you climax, your juices again pulsing, this time all the way deep inside me It goes on and on and on, your organ sliding back and forth smoothly, with feeling, with passion, with lust maybe, certainly with enjoyment. I look up at your face definitely enjoyment on both our parts, me being *******, You doing the shagging, screwing me. It can't go on much longer seconds head towards minutes You are still pumping away shooting your love juices it has to stop I really don't want it to
But we know it has to. You groan, moan, cry out, stiffly arch your gorgeous body and collapse onto me
We both lie there still I'm wondering at the enormity of what we have just done wondering what it means to each of us to our spouses, thinking of the heights of our passions in the middle of the sexual act of the joy.
urmila11 urmila11
Sep 9, 2012