What Have I Done.....?

Last night....after a nice dinner out....and after sharing a couple of bottles of wine with my wife, I was a little drunk....and very horny. We started talking....about very intimate things....desires...etc.
She mentioned that we don't communicate very much anymore.....and so I opened up to her....and ended up telling her flat out that when I dress up....I often have desires to be with a man.....

Now what?

Stay tuned...... ;-)
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9 Responses Sep 22, 2012

How did she respond?

Want urpuccy

Like most of us I bet you're back in the closet.

Not fully - still dress around the house - but haven't said much about it since.

I hope she reacted well.....my wife demanded that I give it up, so I snuck back into the closet.

you wrote the story in september waiting for the rest please. soon

I hope it turned out well for you. I am so afraid to tell my wife. let me know how it all turns out.


If your wife is supportive have her do you make up. Women can make boys look very pretty.

good luck hope it all works out for you

Good luck - hope it went better than when I told my wife about my dressing...