My Boy Friend

I had explained how i become a crossdresser in my story "Adonia reborn" .

Jasmine want to see man sex with me while i was a girl. I didn't met jasmine for last one year. I don't know where she went. She didn't said anything. after she left. I cross dress when no one in my home and i **********.
One day I share with my best friend john. He first afraid of me. He refused me not to do that. We start discuss about it. We came to conclusion "I have to date with him as adonia. If he feels good then i will live as adonia else i have give up adonia"
On the date. I wakeup adonia inside me. When John saw me. He was very impressed. I was wearing same dress as Jasmine dressed me expect I had long hair. John told "there is no need to experience I am a girl". He added "If i am this much beautiful then he will marry me". I smile. I feel very happy. We went to pub, park, sea,...... We kissed many times.
We thought of having sex that night before came to an decision. We went to hotel room. He gave nice kiss. He was waiting for it. We kissed for 15 minutes. I can able to feel his **** trying to get out. I removed his pant make his **** free. It stands up respect me. It was huge ****. I gave nice bj. He undress me. He rubbed my body with his body. I feel i am a complete girl. He ****** me. I am in heaven. Finally i swallowed his ***. Once agian we had sex. He was very happy. He told "i am his girl" We conclude that i am adonia. Now my best friend turned into my boy friend. We two are living together. We are happy.
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Dec 2, 2012