My Fantasy

I love the photo for this forum and wish I could be in the womens position, so here's my fantasy....

I had been cross-dressing for a while and my wife grudgingly accepted it. I had been out dressed one night at the local cross-dresser support group and had been really pleased with my progress. I looked at myself in the reflection of my car window as I went to drive home and saw my improving make-up skills and my lovely blouse and tight, leather-look pencil skirt. I still got a thrill from the tug of garter belt on my stockings, I so loved dressing as a woman!

I shouted out "I'm home" as I opened the door and got no response, but I could hear noise from upstairs. I went up to our bedroom to be greated by the sight of my wife in bed with a man. She said "this is Antonio and he knows how to please a woman", I was shocked, but not in the way you might think, it was the sight of Antonio's magnificant ****! I shouted out "any chance of some of that for a tranny like me?". Sure was the response lie your self down here, as he patted the space in bed next to my wife. I took off my skirt and blouse and lay down as instructed. I was transfixed as I watched that glistening **** going in and out of my wife's **** and it wasn't long before she buckled in pleasure. Antonio was still hard, so I sensed my opportunity and went down and wrapped my lipstick lips around that wonderful **** (my first). I could taste my wife on it as I sucked for all I was worth, while massaging his balls and was soon rewarded with warm jets of *** that I eagerly drank down till he was dry.

After a little while, I licked my lips and started kissing Antonio gently, then progressed to deep French kissing that was rewarded with another erection. I whispered into his ear, take me now! I had applied some lube during our little break and so there was no initial resistance as he slid his **** into me. Oh god it was incredible. As he went deeper into me I went into delirium as he continued to pump me. When he came, I thought it was never going to end as I felt could feel his *** fill me up.

I looked over at my wife who had been working herself up while watching us. We smiled at each other both turned to Antonio and said, "we are going to have to have you visit again!".

As a got up off the bed I felt the trickle of *** dribble down the inside of my leg..... What a night!
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an exciting story

was that a fantasy of yours or a real experience? it sounds so great either way :)

It's an experience we should all have and often!

I hope by now you have found a way to turn the fantasy into reality. I was a cross dresser for years before I was ever with another man. I sure wish I hadn't waited so long for the experience.

OMG....I am Speechless....WOW

what a great fantasy

I like your fantasy. It got me worked up