Iam A Naughty Girl Now

Ive always loved dressing as a woman , ive perfected it , for 9 years i would dress up make myself look hot and sexy but never left my appartment. I loved dressing up and I even had a few vibrators and ****** that i would use on myself pretending i was being ****** by a man. I dont know where the courage came from it was the 27th of july and i was dressed up and just decided i wanted real **** so i had a few glasses of wine and hit the local gay bars , I oved it just being me , being a woman and dancing without a care in the world , then a man hit on me he new what i was but he was still into me I knew I looked hot beu never thought i would have a man hitting on me . Well we danced kissed cuddled all night , then the lights came on and it was time to go home . He ased if he could come to mine "yes " i said . we got to mine kissing all the way in the taxi , I felt loved and sexy , Ididnt even thin about it , it just happened I got his **** out and i sucked it ( my first **** suc i thought) I was really getting into it but he pulled e to the side and told me he was going to **** me, I froze at first then realised that to be true to myself a true woman i need to be fuced by a man , we went in the bedroom got in bed he ******** off I took my skirt off and my knickers I left my heels on and bra and top, we kissed cudled then he fliped me over so i was face down he speard my legs (this is it I thought ) and slowly entered my anus It felt really really nice once he had slid himself all the way inside me he started to thrust his throbing **** in and out getting faster and harded untill he was pounding me hard , I ******* love it the feeling was immence weird at first but euphoric when he got going , i was maching his ryhthm pushing back with my new ***** as he thrusted his **** me , we were going for it then i fett him stiffen up and his **** shudded and ejeculated deep inside of me he held it there for a bit then withdrew himself from me , my arse was throbbing and i looked at his **** it was full of *** so i sucked it clean. WOW I thought to myself IAM A MAN DRESSED AS A WOMAN ****** BY A MAN , HES HELPED E BE WHO IAM
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Well, good for you. It was the same for me, first being dressed and having a man pick me up. He knew I was a CD. We made out in his car, it was so hot being so sluty. When we got to his apartment he told me he was going to **** me, I almost panicked but then I realised he was going to treat me like a woman.

I would love to have an experience just like that. Thanks for the great story :D

nice, thanks for sharing :)

One of the best experiences I had was with a tgirl who made me lie on my stomach as she entered me from behind. As she thrust into me I slid against the bed and it felt great to have my c*&^ rubbed against the bed sheets at the same time as she thrust into me She didn't *** in me though, she pulled out and made me flip over and came on my chest It was the first time a twirl had come on me and I wasn't sure how I felt about it, still don't like it as much as staying inside me and the feeling of a tgirl's clitty stiffen as it spasms :)