My 1st Blow Job

Although I had been cross-dressing on and off for 40 years, I was nearly 60 before I worked up the courage to suck a man's ****. It had been a secret desire of mine for a long time but the circumstances and opportunities were not there. But, ultimately it was a cross-dressing gurlfriend which helped me to cross that barrier by introducing me to a good looking hunk of a man appreciates cross dressers like myself.

I remember the 2 of us were dressed and looking quite sexy when my new man friend arrived at my apartment. My girlfriend had informed that he love red lipstick and would probably be more than willing to be sucked. So I had put on my best red lipstick – and a heavy coat of that to say the least. I was wearing red satin panties, black thigh highs and a red bra (40DDD silicone falsies with big stick out nipples) underneath a flimsy red blouse and a very short red skirt.

After sharing several cocktails – I think it was Jack and Coke – my gurlfriend excused herself to get some more ice from the store while the new man in my life began kissing me passionately! And boy was our passion rising. Soft kissing at 1st, hard French kissing next and all the while we were holding each other's equipment tighter and tighter. When we finally came up for air, there was more lipstick on him than mine – I instinctively reapply and even heavier coat while he was pulling off his underwear to fondle his ****.

I was almost breathless looking at his beautiful tool… I took over fondling it and asked him if my lipstick would look and with that good on his **** as it did wearing out my lipstick on his lips?

With that, I took him into my mouth and slowly getting the full-length of his 7 1/2 inches into me. Still slowly, my lips tighted my grip withdrawing. Back and forth, in and out and in and out, gently sucking and occasionally twirling my tongue around it. His moaning was occasionally punctuated with a pleasant description or instruction.

His hips began to pump quicker and I began sucking harder as I was beginning to sense his climax… And suddenly he declared – "Rachael! I'm about to ***!" As if I might not want to swallow. But I continued sucking – as hard as I could suck while his **** began to quiver then erupt in several surges pumping his seed between my lips.

I was a bit dizzy myself as I was immensely enjoy the experience – the 1st surge was just salty but then turned sweet for most of the rest. I continued cleaning him up as he became softer and until it finally popped out of my lips as he rolled over completely sated. I, naturally applied a fresh coat of lipstick – I've been loving swallowing *** ever since!

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5 Responses Apr 11, 2013

I sucked **** when I was married but it was always as a submissive to my wife's lovers. The first time I did it for myself, I was like you in my sixties.It was so hot being dressed in front of a man, knowing that he saw me as a ****. Red lipstick ,the redder the better.

yes perfect lipstick and *** the best combination for long deep french kisssssssssssssssssssssss

You go gurl. Suck that *** out of him. I love it to.

so do i

enjoy it hun

Oh that story makes me wish I had a big delicious **** to suck right now!!!!