One Great Time

Lets start off with while in Houston, Texas.  I was in this bi chat room.  I got an Im, asking what i was into.  Not thinking much about It i told him i really like to be the one who is getting,or receiving form an other man.  we chatted for a while and i found out he also lived in Houston.  We made a date for later that night, I shaved all of my pubes nice and smooth, to get rid of the stubs.  Got all **** ably clean and ready.  i put on my pink panties and i do not pass as a woman at all so female dress outside of home is out.  we meet and hit it off,  went to his place and as i was being lead to his upstairs, he was rubbing my ***, when we reached his room was undressed left in nothing but panties.  then i undressed him and OH MY GOD, when i saw him manhood, all i could think of was getting it in my ***.  I sucked it for a while and we got on the bed and while i was laying there he took off my panties we kissed for a minute and i wanted the top, i plunged it in and wow what a ride. i was not there long and i was ******* and *******,  we rolled over and he plowed me.  That was the only one time we were together and he was a true credit to his manhood, and for me i just want more of it and someone else like him. Al if you read this you will know i loved every bit of it

i don't know if this is a qualifing story of not but it is all true, my hinny is wanting some right now BAD

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

why take a nice pair of sexy panties off when they will slide to the side

did u enjoyed that so let me tell u mine is bigger then that u will be surprised if u see it