Have Had Sex Dressed Up

i have indulged this fantasy and love it so much. it makes me feel like a real woman & i become very submissive ~~~ i will let a guy do anything as long as i'm wearing lingerie including being tied & gagged ( i actually love erotic bondage). taking a man's **** into my lipsticked mouth is such a turn on and seeing his penis smeared with lipstick is very hot. i think all girls should try this at least once, but be warned: you'll love the taste and  it can be addictive

tessa tessa
41-45, T
6 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I agree in male mode I am quite domme and asertive dressed I am very femme and sub. Yes giving O is quite addictive and being very feline I love my cream :)

of course you can sign up! Alexandercostantino at gmail dot com

have fun sweeti, hope its a happy halloween

That is one of my ultimate fantasies

You dear sweet sissys are delightfull to read your comments. Please feel free to contact me, remember to address me as Mistress, and i'll chat with you. Sweetsissydenise is my assistant and if you desire anything, please ask Her advice as she is a well heeled and proper sissy of the first order. She is my Queen sissy and number one Lady.

but a lot of fun