On A Hot Summer Night ......

A few years back I told a gay friend of mine about my transgender issues.  He was not just very understanding, but positively encouraged me.

So I went to visit him and went upstairs to dress as Claire - with a very nice pink gypsy top and a flowery red skirt.  What was amazing was how naturally the evening went from there.  Both of us were totally relaxed about me as a woman.

We ate a nice meal together, drank more wine than we should have done and smoked a few joints.  We listened to a lot of music together.  We have known each other since we were teenagers and have a lot in common with musical memories - we listened again to songs like Lady Grinning Soul (David Bowie) and Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones).  Finally he put on Follow You, Follow Me (Genesis) which he had remembered me loving when I was 16.

By now we were feeling very close.  We went outside into the summer night in the garden.  He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him.  I loved the feeling of just standing together.  We could both feel the electricity mounting between us.  At that moment i felt like a shy, nervous virgin, but I knew that if he asked me I would have sex with him.

We stood like that for a few minutes.  In the end he shook himself and told me that he was only interested in men.  I was disappointed, but also pleased that he was rejecting me as a woman, not as a man.

We stayed talking for a while, then went to bed (separately!).  In the morning I had to go before he was up, so i left him a note thanking him for being such a gentleman with me.  I was not sure at the time whether I meant it or was being ironic.

In its way, this is one of the most erotic moments I have known in my life.  I am still not sure whether I am grateful to him for being such a gentleman or hurt that he wasn't able to **** me as a woman.

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I would have felt excited to know that he thought of me as not being a man if I was in your shoes (heels?)

That is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing with me. I would love to have a friend of mine come over like you did. I must admit, there is also a part of me that would love to be you in this story. Thanks again!

I thought it was a good story too. Seems like you're a very interesting person, but you both knew what you wanted out of life and you didn't compromise yourselves, and kept the friendship (I assume). I think you look very cute and probably wont have any problems finding a man to share yourself with, if you haven't already! Best of luck!

Your story really turned me on. It brought out feelings I didn't know I had. I've desire to have sex with a man. I can't explain these feeings but know they exist. I''ve never been with a man.