Dwarf, Actually

I would love to **** a woman with dwarfism. There are many different types of dwarfism, and they're all pretty sexy.

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well i always like midget ******** well i met one at a club my boys dragged me to and we all went back to denise's house the midgit dancer well my friends went home about 2 hours after we got their i stayed it was me denise and her roommates 2 chicks and one of there boy friends well me and denise started making otu im laying in the bed in my boxers she has nothing on she pulls my boxers down i saw her eyes go to my penis and she had a look that said it all i said whats wrong she said it kinda small i was like what she a midget everything is big to them i went limp she said oh i didnt say i wouldnt **** you and she then blew me then we had sex