Oh Lustful Sweet Teen Body- You Make Me So Horny

Oh I see you every day at work.
You pretend your shy, an bashful.
But I've seen your Facebook photos.
In the modeling studio. - posing and pouting those sexy lucious lips.
Wearing a bikini, or a little crop top- revealing those immuculate breasts.
Your nipples erect.
I can see them now, poking through your bikini top- I just wanna take you somewhere, anywhere, even where I stand, and lick you all over, then I bend you over the table, and **** you, really quick, and hard.

And I'm not interested in your pleasure, or your readiness to accept me- this is about me, just wanting to **** you. Now.
I want to stick my hard **** up inside you and *** as quick as I can inside you.

I have to work with her all day, and her flirting, and teasing me has got me a bit hot under the collar- ok, maybe more than a bit.
Oh she is a sexy, beautiful, woman- with the sweetest body, and the sweetest face.
Then there's that little giggle she does

She makes me soo horny all the time.
expressomarkie expressomarkie
Dec 10, 2012