Pregnant And Feeling Unwanted

Looking for someone to talk to....and stuff. I am pregnant. So far I am a little bit over 3 months along. I am very petite so I started showing when I was 2 months along. Let me know if you're interested.
soontobemom26 soontobemom26
18-21, F
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hey there I know you haven't been on in a while but would love too chat if u ever log back in

I'm interested =)

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Would love to make you feel wanted!

I'd love to chat dear


Hi soontobemom where are you located?

where do live I would love to have sex with u you would be my first time having sex with a pregnant woman I live in newell pa

Hey im interested in making you happy look me up on face book exquisitentertainment

Would love too

I'm interested :)

hi soontobemom , how are you ?
i want to see you , I wanna have sex with pregnant ,

Hello I'm Justin 26 from mission valley looking for a cutie to meet up with later, are you from here

Is there any chance you live in New York or nearby? I could give you all the attention you could possibly want. Even if you don't, I would still love to chat with you. Sometimes you may just need to be reminded that you're still sexy and beautiful while you're pregnant, maybe even more so.

Hey, I find pregnant woman to be absolutely sexy. I may not be able please you in person, but i would love to see you nude!

I'm very interested, add me and message me I'd love to talk to you beautiful ;)

Well hit me up 6056590146

hi there

id love to talk with u im even willing to exchange numbers hun pregnant weman are very beautiful id love to get to no u im sorry dude left but id love to be there for u as much as i can i hope ull add me n talk to me send me a privet message n include ur number n lets txt or talk i hope to here from u soon!!!!

hey am a gilr am pregnant too are u still prego cuz if u do am bi illl love to talk wit u

You just looking for women now, or men also?

I'm Sorry to hear you were feeling unwanted as a Pregnant female.

I think women don't always feel sexie or loved when their Pregnant, maybe they feel bigger than they are, neglected even but even Pregnant women want to feel loved, Sexie & Hot so why shouldn't they be able to have hot intense long & hard SEX or soft SEX, sexual Massage, etc ha?

I think Pregnant women can be hot too..

i'd love to chat with you

please add me, would love to chat

hi, where are you located?

shoot me a line if you'd like :)

I bet you look soo beautiful, id love to talk to you, even meet you in person maybe, be there for you every morning.

I'd love to chat with you, sorry that your feeling unwanted, maybe I can help with that :) Are you on skype?

Would love to talk to you!

I know that feeling :-/ going threw it as we speak. 5 months pregnant and feel unwanted/unattractive. Send me a message if you would like to talk.

It is a shame you feel unwanted/unattractive. Pregnant women are insanely sexy. I wish it were possible to let them all know hot hot thay are and show them how much they affect us!

hi bunny, if u feel like you wanna chat, contact me. I'm a male from australia

hi honey i am very attracted to pregnant ladies i think they are beautiful they now look like real women as they get bigger and there breasts fill with milk i love to cuddle and gently message you i am very gentle and caring you will get prettier and prettier as you get bigger i dont know where you are but i would love to be near you

I would

I find pregnant women far more attractive than other women. It is like a calling

I would love to talk with you. Drop me a line

I feel for you.. I am very attracted ....

Hey. Let me know if you want to talk. Definitely in the same position

if both you ladies would like to chat to someone hit me up i like listening and as a father i been through this aswell minus the hormones lol

I think there is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman. They deserve love (and sex) even more than regularly. It should be a great liberating time and not a jail sentence. I hope you can find happiness and sex to aid you through your pregnancy.


If you're in Missouri

If you are anywhere near the CA - OR border, I'd love to get together.

I would also love to talk with you :)

I would love to chat with you

Hey there where do u live?

Let me know what you want to talk about. I may not have much experience in the subject but I enjoy talking to new people and getting to know them.


Here for u, just message me... Tanx

My wife went through this. Lets talk!

I am interested in talking.

Let me take care of you and the unborn child take me as your new boyfriend okay babe im kirby thomas i want to make love to you im horny for you now babe

Hi beautiful. I'm pregnant, too. 35 weeks! I'm here if you want to talk...or stuff. :-)

I would love to listen to you ... and stuff! Send me a message. Trust me ... you are not unwanted. I'm very interested to find out why you feel this way.

i would love to chat with you and try to cheer you up...message me back


I would love to chat with you as you sound hot

i think there is nothing more beautiful that a pregnant lady

Hello how are you I'm very interested. I'd love to talk with you.

Would love to chat with you, pregnant ladies should never feel unwanted :(

I would love to chat with you!! Message me or add me :) i find pregnant women soo attractive!

love to help :)
add me x

well sounds perfect add me

I know you look sexy with just starting to show.