Sex, Yes

Why is there always a sexual connection between white girls and black girls? When ever I've had a black girlfriend the main interest has been romantic and the sex has been good, but mostly we're too serious about the relationship to be just sexual. I went to what you would call a "white" high school. It was an all girl Catholic High School with maybe less than 10% black girls, a few Asians and Hispanics. I had lots of white girlfriends, but I always felt an unspoken sexual tension. The year after I graduated I ended up working in a place where I was in contact with one of my old classmates. It was a casual contact, we didn't work at the same place, but my job put me in daily contact with her. I always through she didn't even know I existed. She was one of those very she-she chic, very popular, very all American blonde blue eyed girl. This time she was extra friendly and we used to have lunch together often. One day, she said said she had something she needed to tell me and asked me to follow her to the ladies room. Inside, she seemed like she could find the words to say. She just held me close and started rubbing her hands up and down my hips. I squeezed her tight to me and started slowly rubbed my pelvis back and forth against her. The next thing I know she had her hand up my skirt, was pushing my panties to the side and was fingering me. She asked me to go down on her right there in the ladies room. I managed to hold off on that just then, but invited her to my place that evening and, well, we were both satisfied. It's always that way for me with white girls. (Especially older, married, white women.) Just sex. Maybe it's because we know it's not a romantic thing. Maybe one day I'll fall in love with a white girl and then the sex will not be the only thing anymore. Some girls claim they are not lesbians but like having sex with girls because they are free from any romantic obligations and just be purely sexual. I wonder if it's not just something like that with me, only with white girls. I'm always in serious romantic relationships with black girls, but for pure, hot, wet, nothing but sex, white girls! I wonder if whites girls see me the same way? It seems like they do. Not that I mind !   

PixieLafleur PixieLafleur
31-35, F
Mar 13, 2010