Beauty Beyond The Minds

I am a woman in her late 40s. I am married and have two almost grown-up children. I love my husband very much, as well as my kids and my work. I have good friends who listen to my queries and concerns whenever I need them. But there is a 1% of me that I only know...I guess everyone has that side of the moon that no one ever sees, except oneself of course. And this is what I'd like to talk about today.
I love sex. I used to be very active until a couple of years ago. Work and family non-stop stress knocked at my door and is still around. I am usually non-stop busy from late August to early May. And then the days warm up with the spring, summer comes, sunny days cheer me up, some animals go crazy because it's spring, and I do too :)
Spring and summer bring my desires back to the forefront. Desires that lay dormant during fall and winter because of work and obligations of all types. And here I am, mid-May, getting back to my fantasies. I love sex, as said before. But my sexual desires awake in late spring and summer and it feels great! Let's go in order.
First, when it comes to man, I have no interest in any man but my husband (so please, any man who may read this, I am not interested in making contact with you unless you have a wife to share --and I say this with the utmost respect). But in addition to my husband, I have this hidden side of the moon in me: like a moon triple goddess, I am aroused by the thought of a woman's body, touch, skin and erotic shape. The female body is beautiful--I love mine and love other women's too). The woman's touch and kisses are different from men's and I love them too.
A few years ago I was able to bring my fantasies to reality when I met this experienced middle-age woman in Europe. She had a husband and 4 kids at that time, she was flexible and open-minded, she knew about my fears and offered me help with my desires. It was great and wish I could repeat it again (the ocean is in between us now and I lost contact with her after a few encounters, since I came back to the US).
My second experience was a woman with whom I flirted online for a few months until we finally met. I wanted her so badly and the online flirtation did its job. We met once and iit was good to certain extent. The "extent" refers to the fact that I pleased her but she didn't reciprocate. I didn't want to see her again after this, although she emailed me a couple of times after our encounter. To enjoy sex one should be generous: receive and take, take and receive. I love both sides: to please and to be pleased. To kiss and stroke and to be kissed and stroked.
My third experience happened three years ago. I met this beautiful woman online and she got so heated up by our online flirting that she drove to me. I took her out for dinner and then, in her hotel room, we enjoyed each other. Beautiful, smooth and firm breasts, I wanted to kiss her so badly for so long, lick her and eat her while she moaned, please her for a long time. And then she did the same for me. It was beautiful because, as my first experience, it was not only sexual pleasing and bye. We talked before, during ( hmmm) and after. No strings attached, I'd love to see her again, but we are 10 hours apart and then she, like me, gets caught in her daily stress life.
Last year I met a beautiful lady in her very early 50s, but lost contact with her because she was starting a new relationship with a man who was not too excited to share her with anyone. I want her so badly but I am shy to contact her, fearing rejection. Still I should try, right? I fantasize with her constantly and just now, that a new spring back, perhaps I should try to contact her again. She is a professional woman and an artist, and we could talk probably for hours.
Well, that's it for now. Wish me courage to contact my dream gal, and good luck making it happen. Kisses to all beautiful and intelligent women who are curious about themselves and more
Freexpression Freexpression
May 22, 2012