I have come to realize that most people are bi sexual. What woman does not crave (or at least are curious) another womans gentel touch. I am now in my mid 40's and long for a woman to touch my breasts and lick my ****y. I don't know how to get other women to know this is what I want. Any Suggestions? Or at least stories that will get me off?
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I had the same feelings for a guy in my 40's.

do it ... you don't know what you're missing out on lol

I did Yesterday!!!

great! I hope it lived up to your expectations lol ...I know it does with me:)

Wonderful. Happy for you. Feel like sharing the experience?

Gay clubs can be an intetesting place. Where are you from?

message me for stories. i know a few lesbians.

So fun. I can only hope you get this dream fulfilled. It is worth it.

You should come over! ;)

just need to be open with your actions and thoughts and they will come ;)

I could give you some pointers but you will have to add me as a friend. I'm not going to give everyone advice. I tried to add you and couldn't.

Look ay my pics ,,that might help..a little ..here

Hi - could you add me please? Thanks!

naughty massage?

That would be great.

that should be easy enough to arrange...not sure if you can get a female masseuse to lick your kitty - but i'm sure you can find something if you're in a major metropolitan centre

You would think but... I am also very cautious. Disease and getting caught...