I had sex with a man who was much younger than me, I'm over twice his age. It wasn't planned, it took me by surprise but it was really intense. He was very impetuous, nervous and trembling and obviously not very experienced. Full of testosterone. It was quite hard and vigorous and he came very quickly, I orgasmed too. He looked shocked and almost frightened as he ********** noisily into me. He had basically forced himself on me but at that point I felt true lust for my body. It wasn't planned and I didn't initiate it but now I fantasise about sleeping with a younger man.
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I have to say, this story (and your other one) are very tittilating. I enjoy reading them. Have you had a chance to satisfy or indulge your fantasies since then? You can answer here, or send me a PM - in fact, I'd love to talk more with you in PM about things.

He must have been pretty young.

Very virile, no doubt. Sounds like fun!

Do you daydream and fantasize about it now?

It's very common. Don't be ashamed. It was exciting and flattering, two very powerful factors. And I'm sure he squirted a huge amount of his teenage *****: boys at that age are like nasty fountains.

He may want to do it again. And again. How does that idea make you feel?

You know he is hard right now thinking about it. It's every boys fantasy to do it with his pretty mom. And a lot of mothers want it, too.

If I have a son, I'm gonna breastfeeding him until he leaves for college.

Boys are very lustful. As you know.

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What race was he?

Would you still have done him if he were black?

Send me a message. Lets explore the intimate details. xx

add me ;)