We Have And Now We're It

Huh? When my wife and I got together, we were in our mid to late forties.  We joined an adult sex club with members ranging from young enough to be our kids to old enough to be our parents.  All of us were there for the same reason: a good time with lots of sex.  I ****** girls younger than my daughters and women old enough to be my mother.  The same was true with my wife and the males in the group.  Age didn't matter, if you knew what you were doing.

Now that we're twenty years older, I suppose we're in the "elderly" category.  It doesn't mean we don't know how to have a good time in bed, though!  My opportunities are more limited than my wife's, of course, and I accept that as a biological fact.  Once I have an opportunity to please a woman, she sure likes to come back for more!  My wife, at age 64, has a much better body than some of the women in their twenties and thirties that she works with.  Most people refuse to believe she's the age she is!  Several of the men around her office have made it clear they would enjoy her company, but she says most aren't worth the effort.

We love it, of course, when younger people want to get to know us and have sex.  What all of them find is that we have a youthful, relaxed attitude about sex and make it a memorable experience, not just another ****!  In fact, my wife has had no shortage of young men wanting to spend time with her sexually.  There have been many who are young enough to be her sons. 

Another who pursued her for several years was the son of a good friend.  A situation finally presented itself that allowed them the time to satisfy their curiosity about each other.  He was young enough to be my wife's grandson since he was 20 and she was 58 at the time.

The greatest age difference with a sex partner for either of us is a young boy who spent some time with us.  He needed a male figure he could talk with and there was no subject that was off limits between us.  We talked about girls, ************ and all things sexual from the time he was 12. 

Around age 14, he had started enjoying our nude lifestyle and probably sneaked peaks at my wife and me *******.  He asked me on several occasions if she would teach him how to **** a girl.  He had seen a lot of sex videos but knew it would be different when he tried to put his **** in a girl's *****.  When he turned 16 and it was legal, my wife gave him his wish.  He received instruction from watching me put my **** in my wife's *****, telling him how to take it easy and not hurt the girl.  He knew how to kiss and get a girl warmed up.  Now he got his chance to continue the process and get his **** in a ***** for the first time.  I might add that he had quite a nice **** for a 16 year old!  He ****** my wife in the missionary position for a few minutes and got a nice pace going.  Then, he wanted to try doggy style and found that to be more comfortable.  He got his **** situated in her ***** and started pumping at a nice pace, then increased as he felt his *** rising.  He shot his *** in a ***** for the first time and was ecstatic at how it felt!

I tell you these things because we have found that age has little to do with the level of sexual pleasure one can give or receive.  Give us a try!  You won't be disappointed.
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 19, 2012