For Someone Lol

You undress me, kiss my lips all the way down til you get to my dripping *****. Lay me down and spread my legs kissing my lips and gently flicking your tongue across my ****. You let me take your hand and I put two fingers on my tongue, licking, gently, slowly pulling them into my mouth. I start to suck on them as if they were your **** on my lips. You pull them out and shove them deep inside me, fingering me hard and fast, flicking your tongue soo lightly sends me over the edge. I start to shake and moan dripping my juices onto the sheets covering your face. I grab you and lick your lips, while grabbing your **** and sliding it up and down my wet lips. I want you inside me but my need to taste you is overwhelming. I roll you over kissing your lips sliding down your body I feel your **** slide across my nipple. Taking it into my hand I slide my tongue down the base of your **** and slowly flick my tongue back up taking the head into my mouth, I gently suck and flick my tongue across the tip. I taste precum and suck harder for more. Sliding my hand down to my ***** I begin to finger myself making me take you all the way in. I begin sucking and licking faster trying to keep up with my fingers. Feeling an ****** building, I quickly stop and start riding your ****. Fast and hard grinding my hips into you. Feeling my ****** hit, I cant help but slow down moaning trying not to collapse on you. You flip me over, pulling all the way out and shoving your **** hard and deep into me, I cant help but feel another ****** coming . ******* me harder and faster I feel your body start to twitch. Knowing that you are about to *** makes me *** even harder. I feel you fill me and I want nothing more than to milk you.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Somebody is very fortunate.

Yes, CFOM, you are absolutely right! I wish I was the lucky one... :) But I'm not. Anyway, MissJaded is a good narrator.

Seems that way.